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Quotes for
Adam Jackson (Character)
from "Criminal Minds" (2005)

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"Criminal Minds: Conflicted (#4.20)" (2009)
Adam Jackson: Hey, can I ask you a question?
Dr. Spencer Reid: Yeah.
Adam Jackson: Um... you've seen bad stuff right?
Dr. Spencer Reid: I have. Yeah.
Adam Jackson: How long before you can close your eyes without it being there?
Dr. Spencer Reid: [long pause] I'm afraid I still don't know.

Adam Jackson: We've been friends since I was just a kid.
Dr. Spencer Reid: Are you lovers?
Adam Jackson: [scoffs] No.
Dr. Spencer Reid: Well then why does she pay for everything you have?
Adam Jackson: It's not like it's a hand out. I'm working at the hotel so I can pay her back.
Dr. Spencer Reid: Does she pay for the drugs also?
Adam Jackson: I - I told you, I get migraines.
Dr. Spencer Reid: So, take a prescription.
Adam Jackson: I thought you were different.
Dr. Spencer Reid: What does that mean?

Julie Riley: Listen, we had another early check out, so could you turn it over before you clock out?
Adam Jackson: What? I am a cleaning lady now?
Julie Riley: I'm your boss and you'll be whatever I want you to be