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Quotes for
Man (Character)
from The People Under the Stairs (1991)

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The People Under the Stairs (1991)
Man: May they burn in hell.
Woman: Forever and ever in hell.

Man: Some niggers robbed the store.
Woman: Again? May they burn in hell.
Man: I'm very tense from this.
Woman: You have one of your headaches?
Man: Ooh... very VERY tense about this.
Woman: Alice has been bad. She's been feeding that thing between the walls again.
Alice: No... no...
Woman: Remember not to bruise her face.
[Woman leaves. Man begins taking off his belt to punish Alice]
Man: Bad girls... burn in hell.

[to his dog]
Man: Shut the FUCK up!

[catching Roach and Fool in Alice's room with her]
Woman: You viper in my bosom! You little Judas!
Man: What are we gonna do with 'em, Mommy?
Woman: It is time to clean house! Total... spring... cleaning.

Man: Burn in hell for gettin' free, and burn in hell for showin' the way!

Woman: How dare he come into our happy home!
Man: He came back to get Alice! You should have let me kill her!
Woman: You stay away from Alice!
Man: She did it with him! I know it!
Woman: Not my little girl!
Man: She's a whore!

Fool: Hey!
Man: [aims his gun at Fool, but stops when he sees Fool holding up two wires]
Fool: You shoot me, and you die too, man. And you better believe it. Don't be crazy now. There's enough dynamite back there to blow you sky high. Not the best place to store it, in my opinion. But there it was. Now just put the gun down.
Man: [aims at Fool again]
Fool: Put the gun down. I don't wanna kill you, but I will 'cuz I don't like you much anyway.
Man: [hesitates, but doesn't lower his weapon]
Fool: I'm tired of fucking around! So either put the gun down now, or kiss your ass goodbye, boy!

Man: Kiss your ass goodbye, boy!

Woman: Where's the Bear Trooper?
Man: Dead meat. I could've killed him, but I let the people under the stairs do it.