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Daniel Shaw (Character)
from "Chuck" (2007)

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"Chuck: Chuck Versus First Class (#3.5)" (2010)
CIA Special Agent Daniel Shaw: I think we can all agree that this team has been dysfunctional for the last two years. And I think I know what the problem is. The problem is them.
[Indicates Walker and Casey]
Sarah Walker: What? What does that mean?
John Casey: It means that he's a moron.
CIA Special Agent Daniel Shaw: Chuck, they coddle you. You could be a great spy, but they won't let you evolve.

Chuck Bartowski: Hey guys, you there?
CIA Special Agent Daniel Shaw: Chuck, you flashed yet?
Chuck Bartowski: Yeah. How'd you know I'd flash?
CIA Special Agent Daniel Shaw: Because your mission's not in Paris. Your mission is on the plane.

CIA Special Agent Daniel Shaw: I'm right, aren't I? I should tell you. I'm always right. It's annoying but true.
Sarah Walker: Why don't you tell me what you're right about, so I can tell you you're wrong.
CIA Special Agent Daniel Shaw: My theory about you and Chuck. Most spies push their assets to perform. That's what I do. You protect him. You care for him. You followed him to Lisbon.
Sarah Walker: That's not true.

Serena: Chuck... will be dead in an hour, but I'm in a rush. So, he gives me the key, or I kill him now.
CIA Special Agent Daniel Shaw: Okay.
Serena: O-okay?

CIA Special Agent Daniel Shaw: Do what I say. Give my agent the antidote and I'll let you and your gorilla slide on this one.
Serena: Who are you?
CIA Special Agent Daniel Shaw: Serena, you can do this. Let him go.
Serena: I can't you know my employer. Your agent is alone. And he's going to die.
CIA Special Agent Daniel Shaw: No. My people are never alone. Now.

CIA Special Agent Daniel Shaw: We both made the same mistake, Sarah. We fell in love with spies.

"Chuck: Chuck Versus the Mask (#3.7)" (2010)
Daniel Shaw: Any questions? Concerns?
Sarah Walker: You mean other than us bringing a civilian on the mission?
John Casey: I do have some new tranq darts I'd like to try out.
Chuck Bartowski: No. No. I can handle Hannah. Besides she can cover for my in my Nerd Herd duties in case you guys need to call in the big guns... That would be me... When I say big guns, I'm referring to the Intersect. To myself. Do I need a flash? Glad we had this conversation.

Daniel Shaw: We have to abort... We don't have a choice. Vasillis and I have a history.
Sarah Walker: Are you sure he remembers you?
Daniel Shaw: You tend to remember the guy who set your face on fire.

Daniel Shaw: Walker and Bartowski turn off their mic for some reason?
John Casey: No I did. Those two gab like schoolgirls when they're out in the field. It's murder on the ears.

Sarah Walker: Ok. We need to talk.
Daniel Shaw: About what?
Sarah Walker: About everything, about professional boundaries, about you bringing me coffee to work every morning, and noticing that I like to chew on my swizzle sticks. You're embarrassing us both. We are just colleagues. And that is all we are *ever* going to be! So please keep your coffee and your cheesy come ons to yourself. Okay? Got that?... Good let's get back to work.
Daniel Shaw: I feel like I should apologize to Colonel Casey.
John Casey: [Casey enters drinking coffee] Hey Shaw, thanks for the coffee. Just the way I like it. Black and bitter.

Chuck Bartowski: Guys, look I appreciat a ticker tape parade just like the next guy. But come on, I got a great team.
Daniel Shaw: And that brings us to our next point of business.
Sarah Walker: Well, uh Chuck, you're not going to have us forever. The Intersect was originally designed so that agents could work autonomously.
Daniel Shaw: We're your training wheels. And your performance tells me it's about time for us to come off.

"Chuck: Chuck Versus the American Hero (#3.12)" (2010)
Daniel Shaw: [to Devon after he tackles Shaw] Next time, take out the guy with the gun.

Daniel Shaw: I'm volunteering to be a bull's eye. Paint a target on the ring from within. I can get close to the Director and track his location.
General Beckman: And then what?
Daniel Shaw: It's your call General, but I'd suggest you launch an air strike.

Ring Director: Just watch Daniel. It's time you learned the truth about your wife's murder. Thought you might like to see some surveillance footage from that night.
Daniel Shaw: [after watching the footage] NO!

Sarah Walker: I still don't have a signal. Daniel, where are you taking us?
Daniel Shaw: To settle an old score.

"Chuck: Chuck Versus the Final Exam (#3.11)" (2010)
Daniel Shaw: [Trying to find out if Chuck passed his final test] Well?
Sarah Walker: Chuck is a spy.

Daniel Shaw: Are you stil in love with him?
Sarah Walker: No. Not any more! It's just - he's not going to be the same person again.

Daniel Shaw: We've got it Chuck. Congratulations.
Chuck Bartowski: I am a spy!
[His towel drops]
Chuck Bartowski: Oh no. I am a naked spy.

Daniel Shaw: Chuck has to kill him.
Sarah Walker: What? Chuck has to kill him? You're giving him the Red Test tonight?
Daniel Shaw: That's right.
Sarah Walker: Why didn't you tell me?
Daniel Shaw: Because you would've said you couldn't be a part of it.
Sarah Walker: I can't... I can't be a part of it. And I won't! *You* have to meet him. I can't make him do something like that. I'm not sure I want him to be able to do something like that.

"Chuck: Chuck Versus Operation Awesome (#3.4)" (2010)
Chuck Bartowski: There's something you need to know about me, Shaw. There's nothing in my life that I care about more than my friends and my family. Of course, I don't expect you to understand being the spy that you are. I'm sure that you don't care about anybody.
Shaw: Families and friends make us vulnerable. Make us unable to pull the trigger. And that puts everyone in greater danger. Just ask your partner here. She'll tell you the same thing.
Sarah Walker: Sometimes it helps to know you've got something to lose.

Chuck Bartowski: You know she wants me to kill you, right? But don't worry I'm - I'm not going to do that. However, we do need a plan.
Daniel Shaw: Got one. You're going to kill me Chuck.

Chuck Bartowski: [On his cellphone] Oh my God, it worked. They're hear. Okay, grab Casey and get up here so we can take them out.
Sarah Walker: Chuck, what are you crazy?
[Shaw grabs Walker's phone]
Daniel Shaw: Not very smart Chuck. This is not how I do business. You start things on your own, you better be prepared to finish them... on your own. Good luck.
[Ends the call]

Sarah Walker: He's going to panic, and then he's not going to be able to perform properly.
Daniel Shaw: Yeah. Happens to a lot of guys... or so I hear. Besides I'm kind of curious about what his plan is.

"Chuck: Chuck Versus the Other Guy (#3.13)" (2010)
Daniel Shaw: General, Chuck's actions were those of a true spy. He was looking our for his partner. and the agency. I would have done the same myself. Maybe without the stealth bombers, but perhaps that's just me.

Daniel Shaw: [Hearing a fight in the background] I see you brought Casey.
Chuck Bartowski: Oh yes I did. And he's currently taking care of your *new* Director.

Daniel Shaw: You can't flash, can you? Those emotions get you into trouble. Now just stay here. I don't want to hurt you. None of this is your fault. I haven't told them your secret. But if you follow, I will kill you.

Chuck Bartowski: Please, it doesn't have to be like this... This isn't you, Shaw. You can't do this.
Daniel Shaw: No, Chuck. I can. *You* can't.
[Chuck shoots Shaw]

"Chuck: Chuck Versus the Ring: Part II (#3.19)" (2010)
Daniel Shaw: Yes, I killed your father. Yes, I work for the Ring in order to destroy the CIA. Still I'm going to walk out of here as a hero. How does that make you feel?
Chuck Bartowski: [Chuck rises slowly] You know your Nerd Herd associate can also help you with video conferencing. Smile Daniel, you're on TV. What do I have to say to that?... Mu ha ha.

Sarah Walker: You don't want to kill all these people.
Daniel Shaw: You're right. I don't want to kill all these people. However, I would like to kill Chuck... And I wouldn't mind killing you.

Chuck Bartowski: Gunfight? Is that what you *really* want?
Daniel Shaw: Do you have one good flash left?
Chuck Bartowski: Saved the best for last.

"Chuck: Chuck Versus the Fake Name (#3.8)" (2010)
Sarah Walker: I thought you didn't want dessert.
Daniel Shaw: I don't. I want yours. See my dessert is contained within your dessert.

Daniel Shaw: Listen to him. He's completely living the lie.
Sarah Walker: I know but he's not like you and me. We're both used to living somebody else's life.
Daniel Shaw: That's the job.
Sarah Walker: Yeah. But where does the job end? I can barely remember who I am anymore.

Sarah Walker: No, it's not the mission. It's *everything*. It's how he pulled out Casey's tooth, and how he burned that asset a couple weeks ago. And the way he lies to Hannah. I mean, uh, it's so easy for him. Chuck's changing.
Daniel Shaw: Chuck's becoming a spy.
Sarah Walker: I know... But lives are being affected here.
Daniel Shaw: Sounds like he's not the only one changing.
Sarah Walker: It's like I'm watching Chuck disappear, and the further he gets from who he is...

"Chuck: Chuck Versus the Santa Suit (#5.7)" (2011)
Chuck Bartowski: [Calling Sarah on her cell] Sarah. Thank God! Shaw broke out of prison. Where are you?... Sarah?
Daniel Shaw: Hello, nerd. Do me a favor - turn on the monitor.

Chuck Bartowski: However, if I remember correctly, last time we met face-to-face, I kicked your ass.
Daniel Shaw: Heh. I made sure that would never happen again. No Intersect to help you this time, Chuck.
Chuck Bartowski: I wouldn't be too sure about that. I've been training for a while now.
Daniel Shaw: Oh really? Can you compete with the Intersect 3.0? I can practically catch a bullet with my teeth. But you did some push ups, hit the heavy bag. Oh, just so you know, as you're begging for mercy, your wife is watching.

Chuck Bartowski: [after Shaw attempts to flash but fails and Chucks throws a successful punch] You seriously underestimate the power of the Nerd Herd.
Daniel Shaw: The Omen virus, you put it...
Chuck Bartowski: Inside your head. Instead of downloading the Intersect 3.0, you removed it. And it turns out that's the last flash you're ever going to have.
[Chuck throws a successful block and kick]
Chuck Bartowski: I'm a much bigger nerd than you thought I was.

"Chuck: Chuck Versus the Beard (#3.9)" (2010)
Daniel Shaw: Off nights get agents killed. You need to figure this out because the Intersect is not working. And I can't risk putting you out in the field.
Chuck Bartowski: OKay, so what exactly are you saying?
Daniel Shaw: I'm saying that until you start flashing again. You're no longer a spy.

Daniel Shaw: Keep it together Devon. We'll figure this out.
[Cellphone rings. Shaw checks the message]
Devon 'Captain Awesome' Woodcomb: What? What is it?
Daniel Shaw: I'm sorry. False alarm.
Devon 'Captain Awesome' Woodcomb: Wait! You crash my weekend getaway to tell me I'm in danger. Now you tell me what? We're safe?
Sarah Walker: Yes. I'm sorry. Please try to enjoy the rest of your vacation.

Daniel Shaw: The Ring shut down all communications. They never had a chance to let their superiors know about their discovery. That'll give us the time we need to put together a full offensive - take them down once and for all.
Sarah Walker: So then, what's the problem?
Daniel Shaw: The Ring had me dead to rights today in Malibu. So why didn't they kill me?

"Chuck: Chuck Versus the Subway (#3.18)" (2010)
Chuck Bartowski: I don't need a watch to beat you Shaw. Come on aren't you a little curious. I know I am. Don't you want to see how your Intersect stacks up against mine?
Daniel Shaw: You're right, Chuck. The fight will be incredible. We're totally equal now. Nothing separates us. Though -there's one thing that's different. You can't function when your emotions have been compromised.
Chuck Bartowski: Don't worry about that. I've never been more calm.
Daniel Shaw: Really? How you feeling now?
[Shoots Steve Bartowski]

John Casey: [Captured by Ring Agents, being led down a hallway with Sarah] You're not gonna get away with this Shaw!
Daniel Shaw: Yes, I will. Love-struck Bartowski will try to come save you, and this time I'll be ready for him and his father.
[Totally deadpan]
Daniel Shaw: Mu-ha-ha.