Mossad Director Eli David
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Mossad Director Eli David (Character)
from "NCIS" (2003)

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"NCIS: Enemies Foreign (#8.8)" (2010)
Special Agent Jethro Gibbs: You know what they say about a man with no vices?
Mossad Director Eli David: Yes. He has incredibly annoying virtues.

Mossad Director Eli David: The assassins - I am surprise, and not unimpressed that they have made it this far. But I am not concerned. My people will ensure my safety.
Special Agent Jethro Gibbs: Nope. I already got 3 bodies on the slab. You should have told us you were coming. But like it or not, protecting you is *my* responsibility.
Mossad Director Eli David: A joint effort, I think

Mossad Director Eli David: Leon, your first mission in Amsterdam was the beginning of your career. It gave you a life. But you should want to know if it was all just a lie. They are all here, Leon. I have delivered each and every man and woman, everyone who knows everything. Now you must be courageous and learn the truth.

Mossad Director Eli David: Ziva if you want to talk. We will talk. I'm not going to beg.
Ziva David: Why not? You know, confronted with the prospect of your own death, another man...
Mossad Director Eli David: A lesser man.
Ziva David: A HUMAN MAN, Would want to.
Mossad Director Eli David: Ziva, you are not dead. You are living your life, making your choices. If you choose to let me be part of your life, I would welcome that with open arms. I am saddled with responsibilities that you cannot possibly fathom. The safety of a nation. And every one of our neighbors wants us dead. I don't have the luxury of allowing my feelings to dictate my actions.
Ziva David: You do not have *any* feelings!
Mossad Director Eli David: I have no feelings?... There was a time, Ziva. When I was quite different. When my house was filled with the sound of children laughing. You and Ari and Tali. There was a time, Ziva. Yes.

Leon Vance: [Ziva makes a sharp turn] Most fathers teach their daughters to drive. I blame you for this.
Mossad Director Eli David: This she learned from her mother.

Mossad Director Eli David: Leon, this is incredible, pretzel with peanut butter inside, this is American ingenuity.

"NCIS: Enemies Domestic (#8.9)" (2010)
NCIS Director Leon Vance: I saw you talk to the Russian about me.
Mossad Director Eli David: I saw you seeing me.
NCIS Director Leon Vance: He's going to kill me.
Mossad Director Eli David: He was going to kill you anyway. Now he's going to do it sooner. He already knew who you are.
NCIS Director Leon Vance: No, that's not possible.
Mossad Director Eli David: Come on. Get up.
NCIS Director Leon Vance: GET OUT!
Mossad Director Eli David: If I leave, you die.

NCIS Director Leon Vance: Why would you lure a hit team here?
Mossad Director Eli David: Because Mossad told me I could kill them. The Russian turned an Israeli sailor. Bled him dry for information, then sent a hit team to dispose of my fellow countrymen. My wife could no longer live with what I do. She took my family, my children to ensure that they do not grow up to be like their father. This I cannot fight. I need a target.
[Cut to the present]
Mossad Director Eli David: I need a target. I told him, before there is nothing left of me.

NCIS Director Leon Vance: What's your daughter's name?
Mossad Director Eli David: I have two: Tali and Ziva.

Mossad Director Eli David: There have been times, I felt this job take a piece of me. I worry they may be gone forever.
Ziva David: Sometimes life... surprises you.
Mossad Director Eli David: [Walks to Ziva's side of the desk] Those are the moments worth living for, my Ziva.
[Eli kisses Ziva on the forehead]

"NCIS: Shabbat Shalom (#10.11)" (2013)
Ziva David: Where is your protection? They've usually given themselves away by now.
Mossad Director Eli David: That is why they do not know I am in the country. No one knows.
Ziva David: You are the Director of Mossad Abba, that is impossible.
Mossad Director Eli David: Ziva, nothing is impossible, only difficult.
Ziva David: Which makes this officially the stupidest thing you've ever done, which is saying something. Don't you remember the last time you were here?
Mossad Director Eli David: Yes, you said sometimes life surprises you. Surprise!

Mossad Director Eli David: [Ziva is concerned about her father's presence in DC] Ziva, I do not walk straight lines. As your Agent Gibbs might say, this is not my first radio.
Ziva David: "Rodeo."

"NCIS: Last Man Standing (#6.1)" (2008)
Eli David: Tell me Leon, are we winning?
NCIS Director Leon Vance: ...I don't know Eli.
Eli David: I'd like to think we are. And then... There's something else: a bombing, a kidnapping, an atrocity. Use her well, Leon. Ziva is the sharp end of the spear.
NCIS Director Leon Vance: Thank you, Eli.

Eli David: You know, Leon, sometimes those who know ask me directly, the brave among them. But most of the time, the others, I can feel them looking at me and silently wondering, "how can a father possibly raise his daughter to be a professional killer?"
NCIS Director Leon Vance: A question that I've never asked you because I know the answer.
Eli David: Every day is a fight to survive. It is my dream that my daughter will not have to make that decision with her sons and her daughters. I would like my grandchildren to be doctors and architects, to live a happy life, to grow fat and old. You want her back, don't you?
NCIS Director Leon Vance: Yes, Eli, I want her back.
Eli David: Tell me, Leon, are we winning?
NCIS Director Leon Vance: ...I don't know, Eli.
Eli David: I like to think we are... and then there's something else: a bomb, a kidnapping, an atrocity. Use her well, Leon. Ziva is the sharp end of the spear.

"NCIS: Aliyah (#6.25)" (2009)
Eli David: With traffic, I wasn't expecting you for another hour.
Officer Ziva David: I drove.
Eli David: Enough said.

Eli David: Your Agent Gibbs is making my people very nervous.
Mossad Officer Amit Hadar: He slipped through security. Any idea where he might be going?
NCIS Director Leon Vance: Knowing Gibbs, coffee run. Man practically main lines caffeine.