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Quotes for
Danny (Character)
from Nil by Mouth (1997)

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Nil by Mouth (1997)
Billy: We had a fucking dog years ago, beautiful dog, it was. All Stations, it was. That's what I used to call it. That what I thought they was saying when I was little. All stations, you know. German shepard. Judy, her name was. Yeah, me dad fucking put her down when I was little. I went on holiday with me nan, and, um, when I came back, right, he's fobbed us off with some right swaggy story about how it bit someone over at the park. The lying cunt. Fucking loved that dog! That broke my heart, that did. That dog never bit no one, did it Dan?
Danny: No, a lovely dog.
Billy: That's what I mean. That's what I mean. You fucking... You know, you go away, right? I went hop-picking with me nan, right? We come back, the first thing I wanted to do when I got back was to see the dog, right? All right, because I missed it and all that, and it was fucking dead. I tell you, man, he was just fucking mean, my old man. Spiteful cunt. He didn't care about what other people felt. He couldn't give a toss.

Danny: Oi! Schmuddie, give us a fag.
Schmuddie: I ain't got a fag.
Danny: What's that?
Schmuddie: It's a spliff.
Danny: Well, I don't want a spliff, I want a fag.
Schmuddie: [sarcastically] Do ya?
Danny: Fuck ya!

Danny: You want it? You want it with me?