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Chibi Usa (Character)
from "Sailor Moon R" (1993)

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"Sailor Moon: Dreams of Her Own (#4.25)" (2000)
Lita: [attacks ManeMane] Sparkling Wide Pressure!
ManeMane: [face turns to Jupiter] ManeMane - Mane-ter!
Rini: [stunned] Sailor Jupiter!
Amy: Spitting image!
[Sailor Moon and Mini Moon nods as Jupiter goes embarrassed]
ManeMane: [attacks the Scouts] Sparkling Wide Pressure MANE!

ManeMane: [after eating Nanako's dream mirror, mimics Nanako] I did have a dream once!
Serena, Mina, Amy, Lita, Rini: Nanako!
ManeMane: I wanted a nice boyfriend and a good job. My dream was to have a wonderful career. I try but people didn't like me; they seem to want to get away from me.
Raye: Nanako!
ManeMane: So my dream was impossible because I'm too shy! I don't like myself at all! I've always wanted to be somebody else when I saw Raye's picture. I knew it was her I wanted to be like. I wanted to be strong and inspiring, just like Raye.

Sailor Moon R the Movie: The Promise of the Rose (1993)
Rini - Sailor Mini Moon: [pointing toy gun at Sailor Moon] May I remind you that you're a superhero?

Rini - Sailor Mini Moon: Why is it do you think we fight for you?
Serena - Sailor Moon: Mental void?

"Sailor Moon: Baiting the Trap (#4.4)" (2000)
[Rini walks along the streets]
Rini: [sees Melvin in a cafe] Wha-! Melvin! Poor guy.
[Melvin is seen drinking milkshakes like mad]
Rini: He looks so desperate. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 - 15! Oh, yuck, 15, milksha...
[turns away in disgust]
Rini: Oh, I feel sick!
[Rini gags in sickness while Melvin sobs]

"Sailor Moon: Tainted Tea Party (#3.15)" (2000)
Rini: Um, excuse me. I found this figurine. Does it belong to you?
[the boy moves in a crazy fashion which bothers Rini]
Boy: Sure it's mine. Does it bother you? It'll be your friend if you dance for it. Tell me, girlie, what do you prefer, marshmallows or whipped cream? How about going to the coffee shop? We can both have some soda cans and we'll shake them so then the bubbles can burst all over.
[Rini collapses to the ground in embarrassment]
Boy: Hey, what's wrong? Did you hurt yourself? You shouldn't run away like that. You see, you'll only hurt your knees. It's okay, stay where you are. I'll show you something.
[the boy pulls down his shorts in which Rini screams in fright]
Boy: I wear Sailor Moon undies!
Mother: Dennis, stop that right now!
[the mother hits her son's head with her fist]
Boy: No! I'm in trouble in the name of the moon!
Mother: You'd better have a good explanation when we get home, son!
Boy: It's all her fault!
Mother: I'm getting you new underwear now!

"Sailor Moon: Pegasus Revealed (#4.31)" (2000)
[last lines]
Rini: [thinking] Pegasus, I finally know a lot more about you. But was it all really a dream? Even the kiss? Please, tell me, Pegasus.

"Sailor Moon: Final Battle (#2.41)" (1998)
Rini: [Her mission accomplished, Rini returns to the future and is finally reunited with her beloved mother] Mommy!
Serena: Oh, Rini.
Rini: Mommy.
Serena: You've saved our world my darling, welcome home...

Sailor Moon Super S the Movie: Black Dream Hole (1995)
[Serena is about to open the oven while the cookies are cooking - Rini swats her ahnd with a spatula]
Serena - Sailor Moon: Ow! What was that for? I have to check to make sure they don't burn!
Rini - Sailor Mini Moon: Get your hands away! You're a lousy cook! I trust the recipe book, not you!

"Sailor Moon: Second Chance (#3.37)" (2000)
Rini: [sees a hologram of Pluto appear to her, gasps] No! Pluto? Pluto, you're back!
Trista: I brought a message for you, Rini, but I'm not really back. I'm only here in your memories, eyes, and I can't hug or touch you.
Rini: Oh, I miss you, Pluto, so much! My best friend Hotaru disappeared too. I don't have anybody left.
Trista: That's not true, little one. You have many friends who care about you. You'll see. You're surrounded by them.
Rini: And Hotaru? Is she safe? What happened?
Trista: I've little time to explain, but Hotaru had two really bad creatures living in her. One was the Heart Snatchers, Mistress 9, who tried to take over our future. The other was Sailor Saturn, the dark Sailor Scout. Thanks to Sailor Moon, Hotaru has been freed and she's return from the past to start over as a little baby.
[Sailor Pluto is about to vanish]
Rini: [gasps] No! Pluto, don't go!
Trista: We'll meet again, little one. In the meantime, you take care.
Rini: Wait! Where are you going?
[Pluto vanishes]

"Sailor Moon: Rini's Lovely Rhapsody (#4.32)" (2000)
Rini: [after Rini yells at Serena and her friends for bothering her throughout the episode] If you think that guy's my boyfriend, you're wrong! I HAVE met someone special, okay!
Serena, Darien, Amy, Mina, Raye, Lita: [in unison] What's his name?
[long pause]
Rini: Can't tell you.
[Serena and friends faint and groan as Rini exasperatingly sighs]

"Sailor Moon: Dreams Take Flight (#4.1)" (2000)
Elizabeth: [solemnly] I can't really call him my boyfriend. There's still a chance, but he hasn't really opened his heart to me yet. I wonder if after all, he might not be the one I'm destined for.
Rini: Just because you're a girl doesn't mean you have to wait for a prince to come along on a white horse.
Elizabeth, Serena: Huh?
Rini: You can go out and find Prince Charming yourself. It's up to you to find the right boy. When you meet, you'll both know if you're meant to be together.
Elizabeth: Wow! How did you... get so wise?
Serena: [suspiciously, to Rini] Are you reading my romance books again? Is that where you're getting ideas about - white horses and princes?