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Professor Tomoe (Character)
from "Sailor Moon S" (1994)

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"Sailor Moon: Darkness, My Old Friend (#3.36)" (2000)
Professor Tomoe: [weakly] Hotaru, it's me. Hotaru, it's
Mistress9: How sad, you're back to your old self. If Germatoid has no more use for you, neither do I!
[Mistress 9 pushes Tomoe as grabs him by the throat]

Sailor Saturn: Sailor Moon?
Serena: Huh?
[Sailor Saturn shows up]
Sailor Saturn: I know it was who prevented me from getting hurt, and I want to thank you.
Michelle: Sailor Saturn!
Serena: And Hotaru?
Professor Tomoe: [crawling out of the rubble] Hotaru?
Sailor Saturn: I'm sorry, I am no longer Hotaru, but I'm the one person alive who can save the world from destruction. Believe in me.
Serena: Wait! Let me help you!
Sailor Saturn: No. To destory Pharaoh 90, I must get to the very heart of its core and destroy it while I'm still inside. You, as Super Sailor Moon, could've helped. You did the right thing giving up your powers to save me. It's impossible for you to even get near Pharaoh 90. This is the only way, but I'm glad to do it.
Serena: But what will happen to you once you terminate Pharaoh 90, Sailor Saturn?
Sailor Saturn: They call me the Sailor Scout of Destruction, only because I possess powers that could destroy a planet. They fear me.
[Sailor Saturn's scythe rod appears in her hand]
Sailor Saturn: But once I use my powers, I will be destroyed.
Serena: [runs to Saturn] *No!*
[Saturn points her scythe at Sailor Moon to stop her and smiles]
Sailor Saturn: Goodbye! Thank you!
[Saturn jumps in Pharaoh 90 and begins to battle it]

"Sailor Moon: Who's Really Who? (#3.35)" (2000)
[Mistress 9 turns into Hotaru]
Mistress9: I'll take care of getting the Purity Chalice, Doctor. You get rid of the Scouts who dare intrude my headquarters.
Professor Tomoe: What--I should get rid of them?
Mistress9: Those beings you made ought to help you with that. Now go! End the Scouts lucky streak, and don't blow it! Ca pice?
Professor Tomoe: [smiles evilly] Yes.

[Uranus and Neptune come across a room full of beings]
Michelle: I think we've got company ahead, Uranus!
Amara: What are these things?
Professor Tomoe: [laughs as he appears] My creations: ultra performant beings designed to protect our school.
[laughs evilly]
Professor Tomoe: After all, we can't lower our admission standards. You are aware you're trespassing on very private territory.
Amara: And you're standing on shaky ground. This school's gonna be out for summer and then some, fraud!
Professor Tomoe: What a pity--such clever young ladies. Too bad you didn't enroll and make those sharp brains free for Daimohn use, just like my all-time favorite pupil, Tomoe.
[Tomoe laughs like mad as flashes of red light come out of him revealing a giant Daimohn, Germatoid]
Michelle: Just as we suspected, he's the dark side's pawn!

"Sailor Moon: Wake Up Call (#3.34)" (2000)
[Hotaru eats Rini's pure heart and transforms into someone different than Sailor Saturn]
Amara: Oh no!
Michelle: That's not Sailor Saturn! I wonder who she is then!
Amy, Raye, Lita, Mina: [in unison] Tell us who you are!
Mistress 9: I'm known as Mistress 9, the Sovereign of Silence.
[Professor Tomoe laughs like crazy]
Lita: Hey, what's going on?
Raye: So she's not Sailor Saturn?
Amy: She's one of the Heart Snatchers. I guess she took control of Hotaru from within and has been feeding on pure hearts till she was strong enough to emerge.
Kaori Knight: We are triumphant, Doctor.
Professor Tomoe: I must show my appreciation for all your help.
Kaori Knight: Oh, your words are reward enough for me, Doctor. Thank you for recognizing me. I enjoyed--
[Mistress 9 sends an electric wave to Kaori Knight through the electric force field killing her as her body fades on the ground]
Mistress 9: She did her job and we have no more use for her. Now, Doctor Tomoe, let's start preparing for the next stage.
Professor Tomoe: Yes!