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Fiona Simmons (Character)
from The Waiting City (2009)

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The Waiting City (2009)
[first lines]
Rashda: [on the phone] Fiona? Fiona...
Fiona Simmons: Rashda?
Rashda: Can you hear me?
Fiona Simmons: Yeah.
Rashda: Do you have a minute?
Fiona Simmons: I have the documents with me.
Rashda: I hope you know what you're doing.
Fiona Simmons: Absolutely. I'm fine taking them with me.

Krishna: He says not today, it's a Muslim holiday.
Fiona Simmons: Isn't he Catholic?
Krishna: Yes, but... we all celebrate no matter what religion.

Krishna: She wants to know into what age you are turning.
Fiona Simmons: Tell her a woman never reveals her age.
Krishna's Mother: [in Bengali] She must be getting old. Do they have children?
Krishna: [in Bengali] No ma.
Krishna's Mother: [in Bengali] Is he supporting her enough for children? How much does he earn?
Krishna: [to the Simmons] She's saying, she likes your hair.

Fiona Simmons: [reading literature] It says here that adoptive parents must prepare initially for punishing behavior, insults, cruelty, and abuse.
Ben Simmons: Sounds like a marriage.