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Quotes for
Linda (Character)
from The Cure (1995)

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The Cure (1995)
Linda: [crying] I'm sorry.
Erik: I'm sorry too. I shoulda tried harder.
Linda: Tried what?
Erik: To find the cure.
Linda: Come here sweetie. You did, you did. Everything that was sent in Dexter's life was sad, alone, you made it go away. Dexter was happy to have you as a friend.

Linda: Dexter, is Erik staying for dinner?
Dexter: Waka.
Erik: That means 'yes', white woman.

Dexter: There's something I have to tell you. My mom likes to call me 'Sweetie'.
Erik: Ha ha ha. "Sweetie"?
Dexter: You gotta promise not to laugh.
Linda: [At dinner] You want some more carrots, sweetie?
Erik: [as Linda goes to the kitchen; while laughing] You didn't finish all your meat loaf, love muffin.
Dexter: Would you shut up?

Linda: Do you have a girlfriend?
Erik: Yeah I had a girlfriend but I had to dump her, spend, spend, spend!

Linda: [Grabbing Gail by her blouse and backing her into the wall] I want to tell you two things. The first is Erik's best friend died today and he is going to the funeral.
Linda: [struggling] And the second is if you ever lay a hand on that boy again I will kill you! Do you understand?