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Amy Pond
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Biography for
Amy Pond (Character)
from "Doctor Who" (2005)

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Amelia Jessica Pond first met The Doctor as a 7 year old girl when he crashed the TARDIS into her back yard shortly after his regeneration. Together they investigated a crack in Amy's wall that turned out to be a rift in the universe. The Doctor promised to take her traveling with him but failed to return in the promised five minutes. Amy grew up imagining stories of "the raggedy Doctor" as she called him, often inviting her friends to play with her. The Doctor finally returned 12 years later on the night before Amy's wedding day. Amy used her adventures in the time-traveling TARDIS to delay her wedding day, even after her fiance Rory Williams joined the TARDIS crew. Their adventures together eventually strengthened Amy's feelings for Rory, and the two were finally married. After the wedding reception the newlyweds decided to continue traveling with the Doctor, becoming the first married couple to do so. They conceive a baby in the TARDIS, Melody Pond, being exposed to the time vortex, becoming a half time lord. On the asteroid "Demons Run", Amy meets Lorna Bucket, a soldier from the Gamma Forest, who embroiders the baby's name on a prayer leaf in her language. Because they don't have a word as "pond" and the only water source in the forest is a river, the name "river" for pond, and "song" for melody stands on the prayer leaf. Professor River Song turns out to be their daughter, Melody.

Amy is bright, intuitive, and not afraid to be cross. Despite her strong-willed nature she is often unsure of her feelings and often indulges in emotionally immature behavior (such as trying to seduce the Doctor) to hide her fears.