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Agri (Character)
from "Heavenly Armament Squadron Goseiger" (2010)

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Gokaiger Goseiger Super Sentai 199 Hero Great Battle (2011)
Moune: What about Zangyack? Did we beat them?
Satoru Akashi: Yeah. Their fleet was destroyed.
Eri: Then... It's all over?
Chiaki Tani: Yeah. But we can't fight in those forms again.
Genta Umemori: We used up the power we use for fighting.
Moune: No way.
Eri: But why?
Saki Royama: Our powers scattered into space along with Zangyack's fleet.
Agri: We can't transform again?
Hyde: We can't use our Tensou Techniques either.
Alata: But... I think this was for the best. Because... we were able to protect this planet.
Satoru Akashi: Yeah. We were able to protect Earth's future.

Black Cross King: Your opponents are the past Super Sentai members!
Ahim de Famille: Eh? Is that possible?
Moune: There really were a lot of them.
Joe Gibken: When all together, there's so many!
Moune: This is so wrong! It's like we're the villains!
Joe Gibken: I suppose. We are pirates.
Agri: Well we're Gosei Angels. At any rate, I don't like this.
Eri: I can't believe we have to fight our sempai.
Hyde: Even knowing they're not the actual ones... doesn't make this any easier.
Ahim de Famille: But we have no choice!
Alata: I can't believe these precious powers that exist to protect the planet are being used like this. This is completely unforgivable!
Gosei Knight: Are you guys ready to do this?
Captain Marvelous: Let's settle this!

Ahim de Famille: Are you really sure?
Agri: We think that having all the powers in one place might be the best. So, please do your best.
Joe Gibken: It's a bother if you ask us to protect Earth.
Gosei Knight: Just the response I expected.
Moune: But, no matter what you guys say, you'll protect it anyway, right?
Eri: We think that's okay.
Hyde: What a strange band of pirates.
Luka Millfy: You sure? You really want to trust us that much?
Eri: It'll be okay! But, I would be happy if you like the Earth ever more than before.
Don Dogoier: Well, I like it. Both this planet and the people living on it.

Gokai Green: [about the Gosei Great] What's with that hat?
Gokai Pink: A pirate?
Gokai Blue: How can they call themselves angels with that?
Gokai Yellow: Don't copy us!
Gosei Black: Shut up! Don't lump us together with you!

[first lines]
Gosei Black: Who are these Zangyack guys?
Gosei Blue: They're way too powerful. They're probably the strongest enemies we've ever faced.

Gokai Red: The conflict is over. Return the Ranger Keys.
Gosei Yellow: Huh? These powers originally belonged to us!
Gosei Red: I'm sorry for doing it this way. You guys have Gosei Knight's Ranger Key too, right? Can you just give it to us without resisting?
Gosei Pink: Yeah!
Gokai Pink: Gosei Knight?
Gokai Blue: I don't recall it.
Gokai Red: You heard him.
Gosei Black: That's not possible.
Gosei Pink: Yeah! He's the knight fated to purify the planet!
[shows Gosei Knight in Headder form]
Gosei Knight: Yeah. You can't say you've never heard of me.
Gokai Green: It talked!
Gokai Red: Well, we haven't!

Gokai Red: It seems you're the real Goseigers, but should you be stealing our Ranger Keys?
Gokai Yellow: Yeah! You thieving angels!
Gosei Yellow: Hey!
Gosei Black: You damn pirates! I don't have to take that from you!
Gosei Red: Wait, Agri. Calm down. We're not asking you to fight with us. We just our powers back. We need that power for protecting the planet right now.
Gokai Red: We refuse. For us, we need that power to obtain the greatest treasure in the universe. We're definitely not giving it up.
Gosei Red: In that case...
Gokai Red: You're taking it by force? Now you've got me interested!

"Heavenly Armament Squadron Goseiger: Hoshi o Mamoru wa Tenshi no Shimei (#1.50)" (2011)
Burajira: This is truly the height of foolishness. What thoughtless fools.
Alata: I don't want anyone else's power! You all know, right? We protect each other. We support each other! And that's where our Gosei mission lies!
Burajira: More empty words?
Alata: Everyone!
Hyde: He's right. We are Gosei Angels!
Moune: We protect life. We will fight to the end to protect it!
Eri: We will fight so as to not disgrace the Gosei mission!
Agri: We can't have the Goseigers without all five of us!

Agri: The Dark Gosei Power is amazing! I fell like it'll blow me away!
Moune: But our power is pretty amazing too!
Eri: We'll use our Gosei Power against the Dark Gosei Power...
Hyde: ...and erase it!

Alata: I've always had this on my mind. Why do we Gosei Angels have this ability called Gosei Power? Why were we given this giant mission to protect life? Despite us still being inexperienced. But I know why now. We Gosei Angels have this power probably because we are inexperienced.
Agri, Moune, Eri, Hyde: It's because we're inexperienced?
Alata: That's why we need more. More of the Earth's beauty. The sturdiness of people. It's so we can lean how wonderful life is. That's why we were given this power.
Agri: That's true. There's still a lot that we don't know.
Moune: Yeah. I want to know a lot more about the Earth.
Eri: Got to be grateful for being born from the Earth.
Hyde: That's right. We can't let it end here.
Alata: Yeah! So... We...
Alata, Agri, Moune, Eri, Hyde: ...will use our Gosei Power to protect this planet!

Gosei Red: The Skick Power of Storms! Gosei Red!
Gosei Pink: The Skick Power of Breath! Gosei Pink!
Gosei Black: The Landkick Power of Rocks! Gosei Black!
Gosei Yellow: The Landkick Power of Buds! Gosei Yellow!
Gosei Blue: The Seaick Power of Waves! Gosei Blue!
Gosei Red, Gosei Pink, Gosei Black, Gosei Yellow, Gosei Blue: Protecting the planet is an angel's duty! Tensou sentai Goseiger!

Gosei Red: Burajira! I won't allow you to harm the Earth anymore!
Burajira: What can just the five of you do?
Gosei Red: It's not just us five! We have Gosei Knight. Master Head too! Data's too! The Headders too! Nozomu and Professor Amachi too! The people and everyone! All of them are our comrades!
Burajira: You're saying humans are your comrades?
Gosei Blue: That's right. They're reliable fellow comrades of the Earth.
Gosei Black: We're not like you who's fine with sacrificing comrades!
Burajira: Bullshit!
Gosei Red: Here we come, Burajira!

Gosei Red: Why do you want to destroy the Earth so badly? You're a life-form who was born from the Earth too!
Gosei Black: Yeah. You grew up on the Earth just like us!
Gosei Yellow: We receive our power from the Earth. That's why we're alive!
Gosei Blue: Just what do you think your power exists for?
Gosei Pink: Doesn't it exist to protect the Earth and all life on it?
Burajira: Pointless. This discussion is truly pointless! I am a savior. I'm no longer a Gosei Angel. Pitiful lifeforms with their pitiful lives. Just disappear already!

"Heavenly Armament Squadron Goseiger: Gosei naito wa yurusanai (#1.19)" (2010)
Gosei Knight: I must thank you.
Alata: No need to thank us. We're comrades already.
Eri: That's why we want to know you better.
Gosei Knight: There is no need. I do not remember becoming comrades.
Agri: Hey, don't say that.
Moune: How about it? Let's work together from now on.
Hyde: Yeah. Please fight with us.
Gosei Knight: I will fight my own way. I will protect the planet.

Gosei Black: Hey! Why are you depressed? Aren't you destined to purify the planet?
Gosei Knight: What?
Gosei Yellow: We're going to destroy the cage.
Gosei Knight: You're going to save me? Why?
Gosei Black: Well, because we believe in you!
Gosei Yellow: You share our desire to protect the planet.

Tensou Sentai Goseiger Returns: Last Epic - The Gosei Angels Are National Idols!? (2011) (V)
Agri: You're the one who set us up!
Sakai: Huh?
Moune: You let the media know about the incidents that you sent us to! Just what are you up to?
Sakai: Fool! Do you know how much money I spent so he could debut as the sixth Goseiger? Your drop in popularity has made the money and agency disappear!
Male Actor: Yeah! What about my debut?

"Heavenly Armament Squadron Goseiger: Hoshi o kiyomeru shukumei no kishi (#1.18)" (2010)
Alata: Who are you to show up and destroy a building when they are no enemies around?
Agri: That's right. You're a Headder, right?
Gosei Knight: I am no mere Headder. I have evolved from the power granted to me by the Earth.
Alata: What?
Gosei Knight: 10,000 years ago, I fought the Yuuma Beasts with the Goseigers of that time. But before I knew it, I was far from battle sleeping in the ground under the thick ice. During those long years, I felt it. The Earth was weakening. If the pollution continues, it will surely be destroyed. To stop it, the Earth shared its own power with me. And, then I was awakened by the Yuuma Beasts' resurrection. I didn't think the current Goseigers would be so unreliable. From now on, I will protect the Earth myself. For I am the purifier of the Earth.

Tensô sentai Goseijâ vs Shinkenjâ: Epikku on Ginmaku (2011)
Agri: We're Gosei Angels. We came to pick you up.
Kotoha Hanaori: Angels came for me? Am I dead?
Moune: No, we're angels. But not that kind.