Natalya Simonova
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Natalya Simonova (Character)
from GoldenEye (1995)

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GoldenEye (1995)
Natalya Simonova: Do you destroy every vehicle you get into?
James Bond: Standard operating procedure. Boys with toys.

Dimitri Mishkin: Good morning, Mr. Bond. Sit. I'm Defense Minister Dimitri Mishkin. So, by what means shall we execute you, Commander Bond?
James Bond: What, no small-talk? No chit-chat? That's the trouble with the world today. No one takes the time to do a really sinister interrogation anymore. It's a lost art.
Dimitri Mishkin: Your sense of humour does not sway me, Commander, I'm sorry. Where is the GoldenEye?
James Bond: I assumed you had it.
Dimitri Mishkin: I have an English spy, a Severnaya programmer and a helicopter stolen...
James Bond: ...or at least that's what some traitor in your government wanted it to look like.
Dimitri Mishkin: Who was behind your attack on Severnaya?
Natalya Simonova: Oh, stop it, both of you! Stop it! You're like boys with toys!

Natalya Simonova: He was a friend, Trevelyan?
James Bond: Yes.
Natalya Simonova: Now he's your enemy and you will kill him. It is that simple?
James Bond: In a word, yes.
Natalya Simonova: Unless he kills you first?
James Bond: Natalya...
Natalya Simonova: You think I'm impressed? All of you with your guns, your killing, your death. For what? So you can be a hero? All the heroes I know are dead. How can you act like this? How can you be so cold?
James Bond: It's what keeps me alive.
Natalya Simonova: No. It's what keeps you alone.

[Bond and Natalya are trying to escape from the train when Trevelyan talks to them on the loudspeaker]
Alec Trevelyan: Good luck with the floor James. I've set the timers for six minutes, the same six minutes you gave me. It was the least I could do for a "friend".
Natalya Simonova: What does he mean?
James Bond: We've got three minutes.

[Natalya is trying to find Boris' location while Bond cuts a hole in the floor of the train]
Natalya Simonova: [referring to Boris' password] What else do you call your bottom?
James Bond: What?
Natalya Simonova: It's Boris' password, he plays word games. It's what I sit on but I don't take it with me.
James Bond: Chair.
Natalya Simonova: Like I said.
[Starts tracing Boris' location]
James Bond: [breaking a hole in the train with his foot] Thirty seconds!
Natalya Simonova: He's not in Russia, Germany, Paris, London, Madrid.
James Bond: Twenty-five seconds!
Natalya Simonova: New York, Toronto, Chicago, San Francisco.
James Bond: Twenty seconds!
Natalya Simonova: Mexico City, Rio, Miami.
[Bond breaks a hole in the floor of the train and grabs Natalya by the arm]
James Bond: Come on!
Natalya Simonova: Wait, he's in Cuba. Havana...
[the trace is terminated]
Natalya Simonova: ...No!
James Bond: Now!
[Bond and Natalya escape from the train with seconds to spare before the train explodes]

Natalya Simonova: What is it with you and moving vehicles?

Natalya Simonova: Who are you?
James Bond: I work for the British government. The more you tell me the more I can help you.

[last lines]
Jack Wade: Maybe you two would like to finish debriefing each other at Guantanamo, hmm?
James Bond: You ready?
Natalya Simonova: I'm not going on a helicopter with you. No plane. No train. Nothing that moves.
James Bond: Darling, what could possibly go wrong, eh?

Natalya Simonova: This is not one of your games, Boris. Real people will die, you pathetic little worm!
Alec Trevelyan: She was in the mainframe. Check the computer.
Boris Grishenko: She's a moron. A second level programmer.
Boris Grishenko: She works on the guidance system. She doesn't even have access to the filing codes.
[Alarm starts buzzing]

Natalya Simonova: Do something, get us out of here!
James Bond: I'm a little tied up! Never mind...

Natalya Simonova: So, tell me. Are there any other standard operating procedures I should be aware of?
James Bond: A thousand. But I only pay them...
[Natalia and James kiss]
James Bond: ...lip service.

Natalya Simonova: On the train, when you told him to kill me, and that I meant nothing to you, did you mean it?
James Bond: Yes. Basic rule: always call their bluff.

Natalya Simonova: [Kissing in a field] I suppose there's someone watching.
James Bond: There's no-one within twenty-five miles, believe me.
Jack Wade: [Out of nowhere] Yo, Jimbo!

Natalya Simonova: Boris!
Boris Grishenko: What? I thought I'd post it on the internet, no?
Natalya Simonova: What's the password?
Boris Grishenko: I made it easy this time. Even you should be able to break it - borscht for brains. Alright. Alright. I'll give you a hint. They're right in front of you and can open very large doors.
Natalya Simonova: [Types in: Knockers] You're such a geek.

Boris Grishenko: The Americans are slugheads! They'll never detect me.
[Computer flashes: Unauthorized Access Detected]
Natalya Simonova: You were saying, slughead.
Boris Grishenko: Nobody screws with Boris Grishenko!

Boris Grishenko: Was it good for you too?
Natalya Simonova: I'm getting some coffee.
Boris Grishenko: I'm going for a cigarette.

James Bond: Trust me.
Natalya Simonova: Trust you? I don't even know your name.

Natalya Simonova: Don't stand there, get us out of here!
James Bond: Yes sir.

Natalya Simonova: Maybe I should take care of the transportation for our trip to Cuba.
James Bond: Our trip?
Natalya Simonova: Do you know how to disarm the weapon?
James Bond: I suppose that depends on what kind of weapon you're talking about disarming.