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Quotes for
Terri (Character)
from Night of the Demons 2 (1994)

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Night of the Demons 2 (1994)
Terri: The day after the party, the county sherrif went in with his deputies. They found the bodies, or rather what was left of them. They were chopped, graded, sliced and diced, totally toasted! I'm talking ground-round.
Bibi: [disgusted] Terri!
Terri: Their relatives could barely identify them, but they did. Every one of them, everyone except Angela.
Shirley Finnerty: Angela?
Bibi: The girl who threw the party. They searched the property over and over, high and low... But never found her body.
Terri: They say it's because she descended into Hell, body & soul and now she's Satan's favourite.
Shirley Finnerty: She's probably sitting on his big spike right now!

Terri: Sister, is it a sin to kiss a boy? I mean if you really really like him.
Sister Gloria: A kiss is a sin when it is an upper persuasion for a lower invasion.

Bibi: Hey, Mouse is all right. She's just had it little rough, that's all.
Shirley Finnerty: A little rough? So who hasn't?
Terri: Well, listen to this: About a year ago her parents were sent a weird Halloween card. It was home-made and really creepy; like decorated with dead bugs and dried blood, totally disgusting... anyway it was signed by Angela.
Bibi: They really took it hard. Everyone tried to convince them that it was just a really bad joke, but they swore it was her signature.
Terri: A year later they both comitted suicide.
Shirley Finnerty: [excited] Suicide...
Bibi: That's why she's here. She's an orphan.
Shirley Finnerty: No shit! Just a charity case.