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Maj. Gen. John Bell Hood (Character)
from Gettysburg (1993)

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Gettysburg (1993)
[Longstreet orders Hood to take Little Round Top]
Major General John Bell Hood: They don't even need guns to defend that! All they've got to do is roll rocks down on us!

Lieutenant General James Longstreet: Sam?
Surgeon: We drugged him, Sir. Be better if he slept.
Major General John Bell Hood: I didn't see much. The boys' went in and hit the rocks. How'd it go, Pete?
Lieutenant General James Longstreet: Fine, Sam.
Major General John Bell Hood: We take those rocks?
Lieutenant General James Longstreet: Most of 'em.
Major General John Bell Hood: Worst... ground I ever saw. You know that?
[Longstreet nods]
Major General John Bell Hood: They call it Devil's Den. It's a good named for it.
[Longstreet nods again before grasping Hood's outstretched hand to comfort him]
Major General John Bell Hood: What casualties?
Lieutenant General James Longstreet: We don't know yet.
[Hood groans in agony]
Major General John Bell Hood: Ya' gotta give my boys credit. You... you should've let me go to the right.
[His eyes begin to close]
Major General John Bell Hood: We should have gone to the right...
[Hood passes out]
Surgeon: He needs to rest some.

Gods and Generals (2003)
Gen. 'Stonewall' Jackson: Tell me general, do you expect to live till the end of this war?
General John Bell Hood: Oh... I do not know, but... I'm inclined to think I will. I expect I will be wounded. And you general?
Gen. 'Stonewall' Jackson: I do not expect to live to see the end of this war. Nor can I say that without victory I would desire to do so.

[the Confederate officers are watching a performance by a group of Texans]
Col. Tazewell Patton: General Hood, we owe you Texas boys a debt of gratitude for putting on these shows for us.
General John Bell Hood: Colonel Patton, any man that can't carry a tune ain't fit to carry a musket.

In the Electric Mist (2009)
General John Bell Hood: Venal and evil men are destroying the world you were born in. It's us against them my good friend. Don't compromise your principles or abandon your cause.