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Colt Gun Salesman (Character)
from Back to the Future Part III (1990)

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Back to the Future Part III (1990)
Colt Gun Salesman: [the gun salesman is amazed at Marty's gunmanship at a shooting gallery] Uh, just tell me one thing. Where'd you learn to shoot like that?
Marty McFly: 7-Eleven.

Colt gun salesman: I'd like for you to have this new Colt Peacemaker and gun belt. Free of charge.
Marty McFly: Free?
Colt gun salesman: I want everybody to know that the gun that shot Buford Tannen was a Colt Peacemaker.
Marty McFly: Hey-hey, no problem. Thanks a lot!
Colt gun salesman: Of course, uh, you understand, that if you lose, I'm takin' it back.
Marty McFly: Thanks again.