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Phaedra (Character)
from Boy on a Dolphin (1957)

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Boy on a Dolphin (1957)
Phaedra: He's important man, Mr. Calder, huh?
Victor Parmalee: In his pedestrian way. "Incorruptible Jim," I call him.
Phaedra: You know him a long time?
Victor Parmalee: Our paths have crossed and re-crossed: in Dresden, Rotterdam, Florence - wherever the Nazis looted. Raphaels, Rembrandts, even down to a dreary little china pot, which belonged to Madame Pompadour... there was always Captain Jim Calder of the U.S. Army, restoring priceless objects to their rightful owners - a typical middle-class gesture.

Victor Parmalee: You'll dive with Calder - dive all over the Aegean Sea. Except in one spot: the spot with the boy on a dolphin.
Phaedra: But sir...
Victor Parmalee: [Cutting her off] Dive until he runs out of patience, runs out of ambition, out of money, out of oxygen, and hope!
Phaedra: [Tapping her finger to her temple] Oh, Mr. Parmalee, you have plenty of noodle, you know?
Victor Parmalee: Thank you.
Phaedra: Now, we all have wine!