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Quotes for
Sebastian (Character)
from The Switch (2010/I)

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The Switch (2010/I)
Sebastian: Nature is in crises. And only one mammal is to blame.

Sebastian: I'm having a birthday party.
Wally Mars: Oh yeah? You enjoy that, there's gonna come a time in your life when you're not gonna want people to know it's your birthday.
Sebastian: Why wouldn't anyone want people to know about their birthday?
Wally Mars: Because getting old sucks. Most people don't accomplish what they'd hope to and they realize that they are most likely not going to. They end up living these quite lives of denial, and uh... brushing birthdays under the rug just becomes a part of that.
Sebastian: Do you ever get scared that you could have Parkinson's disease?
Wally Mars: Not specifically Parkinson's, But I'm not gonna lie, I've had my bouts with hypochondria.
Sebastian: What's that?
Wally Mars: That's thinking you have diseases that you don't really have.
Sebastian: Oh my God. I have that.

Wally Mars: Do you want to tell me about your new school?
Sebastian: Why?
Wally Mars: Because you're a kid and there's nothing else to talk about.