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Moat (Character)
from Avatar (2009)

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Avatar (2009)
Moat: It is decided. My daughter will teach you our ways. Learn well, "Jakesully", and we will see if your insanity can be cured.

[Jake and Grace see Mo'at walking towards them with a knife]
Dr. Grace Augustine: Mo'at, no!
Moat: [pleads with Jake] If you are one of us, help us!
[Mo'at cuts Jake and Grace loose]

Moat: It is hard to fill a cup that is already full.
Jake Sully: My cup is empty. Trust me. Just ask Dr. Augustine. I'm no scientist.
Moat: Then what are you?
Jake Sully: I was a marine. A warrior... of the uh... Jarhead Clan.

Jake Sully: You have to leave, or you're gonna die!
Moat: Are you certain of this?
Jake Sully: Look, they sent me here, to learn your ways, so one day I could bring this message, and that you would believe it.
Neytiri: What are you saying, Jake? You knew this would happen?
Jake Sully: Yes. Look, at first, it was just orders, and then, everything changed. Okay? I fell in love. I fell in love with the - with the forest, with the Omaticaya people... with you... with you...
Neytiri: [interrupting him] I trusted you...
Jake Sully: [continuing what he was saying] - with you.
Neytiri: [getting upset] I trusted you!
Jake Sully: [trying to calm her] Trust me, now. Please.
Neytiri: You will never be one of The People!
Neytiri: He tried to stop them!
Jake Sully: Neytiri, please.
[Neytiri says something in Na'vi and leaves]

Moat: Why did you come to us?
Jake Sully: I came to learn.
Moat: We have tried to teach other sky people, it is hard to fill a cup which is already full.
Jake Sully: My cup is empty, trust me. Just ask doctor Augustine, I'm no scientist.
Moat: What are you?
Jake Sully: I was a marine, a, er, a warrior of the eh, Jarhead clan.