General Hunt Stockwell
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General Hunt Stockwell (Character)
from "The A-Team" (1983)

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"The A-Team: Firing Line (#5.3)" (1986)
Gen. Hunt Stockwell: Able Four and Able Six should have been back by now.
Carla: Maybe they're still trying to contain the men or just stopped off for a call of nature.
Gen. Hunt Stockwell: Then they don't belong in my unit.

Gen. Hunt Stockwell: What brings you here, Captain? Certainly not my men. Why come on your own accord?
Murdock: Because I don't like wearing someone else's straitjacket!

Gen. Hunt Stockwell: Whoever judged you insane, Captain, should have his license lifted.
Murdock: You are going to help me spring my friends.

Gen. Hunt Stockwell: [addressing Hannibal] You make fewer mistakes than anyone I have ever come across with the exception of myself. Don't make one at this stage in the game.

Gen. Hunt Stockwell: Now, make no mistake, these missions are obviously something I can't give to standard operatives. You must realize the possible consequences.
Face: Suicide missions.
Gen. Hunt Stockwell: Ah, not... all of them.

Hannibal: Well, how long do we have to let you know, I mean, before you get us out?
Gen. Hunt Stockwell: Colonel... That's not part of the deal. I can't get you out.
B.A.: Say what?
Face: Wait a minute, what do you mean you can't get us out of here?
Gen. Hunt Stockwell: Well, I could not assist three federal prisoners convicted of murder in escaping. Contact me upon your successful evasion of your current situation. Then we have a deal.

Hannibal: So, we do these missions, and after that, we're free to go? We don't work for you or the government anymore?
Gen. Hunt Stockwell: By then, you can work for the local McDonald's for all I care.

Face: [reviving after being "executed", sees Carla] Oh, just like I dreamed it would be!
Gen. Hunt Stockwell: [walks up] Welcome, lieutenant.
Face: Aw no, they sent me downstairs, didn't they.

"The A-Team: Point of No Return (#5.9)" (1986)
Gen. Hunt Stockwell: Where are Peck and Murdock?
Frankie Santana (Empress 12): Oh, eh Face, he saw a woman... that he knows and Murdock he saw...
B.A. Baracus (Empress 10): Something in his head and no telling what it was.

Gen. Hunt Stockwell: We've got 15 hours and 58 minutes to find that plutonium, or it won't matter if whether Hannibal Smith is alive or dead. The only thing that will matter, is whether he died in vain.

Hannibal (Empress 7): Status of the mission?
Gen. Hunt Stockwell: Code Red. According to your message, matchpoint is in 22 minutes.

"The A-Team: The Say U.N.C.L.E. Affair (#5.6)" (1986)
Gen. Hunt Stockwell: [talking on a secured line] Hello Brown Fox. This is Black Wolf. I hear there's a hunter in the woods
Ivan Trigorin: [on a car phone] I'm afraid he's lost his way. The old hand shake still serves as well, my friend. Or should I call you General?
Gen. Hunt Stockwell: Titles are the shields weak men hide behind. Isn't that what we used to say?
Ivan Trigorin: We used to say a lot of things back then. Both of us possesed a certain wisdom in our youth.

Gen. Hunt Stockwell: You're aware you're breaking every rule of the Geneva convention?
Ivan Trigorin: Hm. When did we ever worry about the Swiss?

Gen. Hunt Stockwell: [dialing a number on a mobile phone with his gun] This is General Stockwell calling the Ice House for voiceprint verification. Alert canceled. Repeat, alert canceled. Condition Green. We're coming home.

"The A-Team: Family Reunion (#5.8)" (1986)
Gen. Hunt Stockwell: Knowledge is power. And I want that knowledge.

Hannibal: [to Murdock] I'm sure I could rustle up some soup for you, but the rest of us - we've gotta have a turkey.
Gen. Hunt Stockwell: [coming in] Good afternoon, gentlemen.
Hannibal: I think he's too big for the pot.

"The A-Team: Dishpan Man (#5.1)" (1986)
Carla: Able Six reports he can drop on him any time.
Gen. Hunt Stockwell: No, tell Able Six to wait. I want to do it... my way.

Gen. Hunt Stockwell: If you fail, we won't even ask for your bodies back. But if you succeed, well, this man could clear you of all the charges against you.

"The A-Team: The Crystal Skull (#5.10)" (1986)
Gen. Hunt Stockwell: [on the phone] The President is calling me every hour. If he can't return that skull to King Fassaad, King Fassaad can't put his country's oldest religious back in his museum. That means he's broken his promise to his people, the President has broken his promise to him, I've broken my promise to the President, and you've broken you're promise to me. Now in that scenario, who's dog get's kicked?
Col. John "Hannibal" Smith: [hangs up] We're all invited to the White House, for dinner.

"The A-Team: Trial by Fire (#5.2)" (1986)
Gen. Hunt Stockwell: I understand the Army is reviewing candidates for your firing squad.
Col. John "Hannibal" Smith: Aw, gee, you didn't have to go to all this trouble just to cheer me up.

"The A-Team: The Spy Who Mugged Me (#5.11)" (1986)
Gen. Hunt Stockwell: I trust you're all acquainted with the Jaguar?
Frankie: The Jaguar? Oh yes, yes, six or twelve cylinder?
Hannibal: No, he's talking about a terrorist, Frank.

"The A-Team: Without Reservations (#5.13)" (1987)
Gen. Hunt Stockwell: Now, the sooner you pull off these missions, the sooner you get your pardon. It's called the Stockwell incentive plan.
Faceman: Now, I can tell you what you can do with your plan, Stockwell.

"The A-Team: Quarterback Sneak (#5.4)" (1986)
Gen. Hunt Stockwell: You're going to be flying into East Berlin and bring him out.
"B.A." Baracus: Flying into where?
H.M. Murdock: East Berlin. It's just east of West Berlin.