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Lt. Detective Owen Kim (Character)
from "Criminal Minds" (2005)

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"Criminal Minds: Somebody's Watching (#1.18)" (2006)
Dr. Spencer Reid: [At a crime scene] Gideon, there people actually taking photographs of us from the next yard!
Detective Owen Kim: Welcome to LA!

Elle Greenaway: From all the evidence that we've gathered, we believe you're looking for a type 4 assassin
Detective Owen Kim: Type 4?
Dr. Spencer Reid: Type 1's are political assassins, like John Wilkes Booth. Type 2's are egocentric looking for simple recognition
Aaron Hotchner: Type 3's are psychopaths, cold blooded killers who leave far messier scenes. And type 4, our unsub, suffers from a major mental disorder and as frequently delusional

"Criminal Minds: The Performer (#5.7)" (2009)
Derek Morgan: Okay, we need to talk to this Dante guy
Emily Prentiss: Garcia, can you get us an address?
Lt. Detective Owen Kim: Eh, that's gonna take a little while. These celebrities are protected by layers of privacy. It's like finding information on a deeply...
Penelope Garcia: 22423 Greenvale Circle, Holmby Hills. GPS coordinates are uploading to you now. And his name is Paul Davies, by the way
Emily Prentiss: Run him for a criminal record too
Penelope Garcia: You got it
Emily Prentiss: Thanks, PG.
Lt. Detective Owen Kim: I'd hate to think what she could find out about me
Emily Prentiss: Oh, I prefer not even to consider it!

Lt. Detective Owen Kim: So, what'd you tell the press?
David Rossi: My official statement was that I hate Los Angeles