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Quotes for
Pence (Character)
from Kingdom Hearts II (2005) (VG)

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Kingdom Hearts II (2005) (VG)
Kairi: Hey, what is this place?
Kairi: [hears a whistle and runs into another portal]
Kairi: [sees a man in a black cloak] Huh?
Kairi: [everything disappears]
Hayner: [Kairi is laying on the floor of the Usual Spot] You okay?
Kairi: [awakens] What?
Pence: You and that dog came flying out of a whole in the wall! You nearly gave us heart attacks.

Pence: Oh, Sora!
Sora: Um... Pence, right?
Pence: Do you know a girl named Kairi?
Sora: [excited] K-Kairi? I sure do!
Pence: Then you better come to the station.
[Sora smiles]
Hayner: [scene skips to Pence and Sora running toward the station] He-ey!
Sora: [Hayner and Olette run to Sora and Pence] Hey, so how do you guys know Kairi?
[Olette and Hayner look at each other, then look to the ground]
Sora: Kairi was really here?
Hayner: Yeah. And... she said she was looking for you.
Sora: Tell me where she is!
Hayner: Well...
Olette: [in a flashback] What a romantic story!
[Kairi smiles]
Pence: If you stick around, Sora's bound to show up.
Hayner: Yeah, he said he's coming back.
Kairi: Okay!
Axel: What took you so long Kairi?
Axel: [Axel appears] Somehow, I just knew you'd be here. I tell ya Kairi, you've got a lot of guts, jumping right into the darkness like that.
[Hayner and Pence to punch Axel but falls through him]
Kairi: [Axel slowly approaches Kairi and takes her arm] Let go of me! Let go!

Sora: [Kairi had been kidnapped by Axel again; Sora is sad and worried] Kairi...
Goofy: Ya think it mighta been, Axel?
Donald Duck: [nods]
Hayner: Sorry...
Sora: Hey, it's not your fault. C'mon cheer up!
Sora: [sighs, sad again] Like I can even say that...
Sora: [Goofy looks at an emotionless Sora; Sora stomps his foot on the ground and Goofy falls back] I gotta help Kairi!
Pence: [the crystals of the Struggle trophy fall to the ground; Hayner, Pence, and Olette pick them up] That was close!
Sora: [picks up the blue crystal and holds it towards the sun]
Donald Duck: [Hayner, Pence, and Olette do the same; Sora turns into Roxas for a minute] Sora?
Goofy: Sora! Are you okay?
Sora: Huh? What...?

Pence: Hey guys, all our - - is gone! Huh? I can't even say the word - - !

Hayner: Man, doesn't that tick you off?
Pence: Yeah, that's just wrong.
Olette: Seifer's gone too far this time.
[Roxas nods]
Hayner: I mean, it's true that stuff's been stolen around town. And we've got a score to settle with Seifer and everything. So if he wants to think we did it, I can't really blame him. See... that's not what really bugs me. What really bugs me is that he's goin' around tellin' everybody *we're* the thieves! Now the whole town and their mothers are treating us like the Klepto Club! Have you ever been this ticked off before in your life? 'Cause I haven't. Nuh-uh, *never*. Now... what to do.
Roxas: Uh... well... We could find the real thieves. That would set the record straight.
Pence: Hey, that sounds like fun!
Hayner: What about Seifer?
Roxas: First, we gotta clear our names. Once we find the real culprit, everyone will get off our backs.