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Chelsea Koons (Character)
from "Californication" (2007)

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"Californication: The Apartment (#3.8)" (2009)
Dean Stacy Koons: Are you in love with my wife, Hank?
Hank Moody: [pauses] That's a ridiculous question.
Dean Stacy Koons: Well, she seems to be in love with you. Do you feel the same?
Hank Moody: Feel the same...
Dean Stacy Koons: Do you love her?
[long uncomfortable pause, then Becca and Chelsea enter the apartment]
Hank Moody: [immediately shifts attention to them] What... do we have here?
Becca Moody: What are you doing home?
Hank Moody: Uh, wha... school clothes? Is it a snow day?
Chelsea Koons: What are you guys doing here?
Dean Stacy Koons: I believe that question should be directed at you, young lady.
Hank Moody: Copy that, motherfucker!