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Peter Burke (Character)
from "White Collar" (2009)

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"White Collar: Pilot (#1.1)" (2009)
Neal Caffrey: [pouting after finding out an attractive agent is a lesbian] Doesn't the FBI have a policy about that?
Peter Burke: That's the military. We don't ask. We don't care.

Peter Burke: [Peter runs down the stairs, after getting a call that Neal's GPS anklet was set off, only to find Neal chatting with his wife on the couch] You're on my couch.
Neal Caffrey: Yeah, I came to talk to you. And Peter, I have to say, you have such an amazing wife.
Peter Burke: Yeah, I like her. Get off my couch.

Neal Caffrey: Did you really put Elizabeth under surveillance before you asked her out? Peter, I underestimated you.
Peter Burke: You told him?
Elizabeth Burke: Oh, he said he wanted to make sure I wasn't seeing anybody else. Honey, it's cute.
Neal Caffrey: I think it's adorable.
Peter Burke: I'm putting you back in prison.

Neal Caffrey: [Neal and FBI Agent Burke enter a church under restoration. The priest asks them to leave, so Neal has to convince him to let them stay] Please father, my best friend is having a crisis of the soul. He is a married man and he has the most devastatingly beautiful assistant at work. A very provocative woman. He's been tempted. More than tempted. I have details.
Priest: It's very common with men his age. Unfortunately, very common.
Neal Caffrey: And I want to confront him about this before he tears apart his life. He has a lot of faults. I mean, don't get me started, he's a mess, but he's very spiritual. I know this is the place where my words will have the most effect.
Priest: This is the City of Churches. We're closed. Surely there's another place...
Neal Caffrey: This is where he was married.
Priest: Five minutes.
Neal Caffrey: Sorry about that. We got five.
Peter Burke: Did you just lie to a priest?
Neal Caffrey: Do you find Diana attractive?
Peter Burke: Sure.
Neal Caffrey: Then we're good.

Peter Burke: You are way out of your league.
Neal Caffrey: Ah, harmless flirting. It's like a dance.
Peter Burke: Naa, there is no dance. You're not even on her dance card. No dancing for you.
Neal Caffrey: Umm, she digs the hat.
Peter Burke: Mmm, she'd rather be wearing the hat.
[Neal, at first, has a confused look on his face, then he opens his mouth as he gets it]

Neal Caffrey: You said, if I found a nicer place for the same price, I should take it.
Peter Burke: I did say that.

Neal Caffrey: I watch her granddaughter from time to time.
Peter Burke: She's got you babysitting?
Cindy: [June's gorgeous granddaughter walks in] Hi, Neal.
Peter Burke: Granddaughter?
Neal Caffrey: She's an art student.
Peter Burke: Unbelievable.

Peter Burke: That's not jewelry on his ankle you know, he's a felon.
June: So was Byron.

Peter Burke: You look like a cartoon.
Neal Caffrey: This is classic Rat Pack. This is a Devore.
Peter Burke: Oh, sorry Dino.

Peter Burke: [referring to Diana] You are way out of your league.
Neal Caffrey: Oh it's harmless flirting, it's like a dance.
Peter Burke: No, there is no dance. You're not even on her dance card, no dancing for you.
Neal Caffrey: Um, she digs the hat.
Peter Burke: Um, she'd rather be wearing the hat.

Clinton Jones: Apparently he knew we were coming.
Peter Burke: You think so Copernicus?

Diana Barrigan: Neal Caffrey escaped.
Peter Burke: What's this?
Diana Barrigan: U.S. Marshal's are requesting your help?
Peter Burke: My help?
Diana Barrigan: Director Thompson asked for you personally.
Peter Burke: Me? Why would he want me?
Diana Barrigan: Probably because you're the only one who ever caught him.

Peter Burke: We're not gonna catch Caffrey using road blocks and wanted posters.

Peter Burke: You carrying?
Neal Caffrey: You know I don't like guns.

Peter Burke: Still, it only took you a month and a half to escape a super max... damn impressive.

Neal Caffrey: That's the same suit you were wearing last time you arrested me.
Peter Burke: Classics never go out of style.

Peter Burke: Neal just bought himself 4 more years in prison, for what?
Elizabeth Burke: For what? If you were Neal, you wouldn't have run for me?

Peter Burke: Let me see it
[referring to Neal's ankle monitor]
Peter Burke: . You understand how this works?
Neal Caffrey: I"m being released into the custody of the FBI under your supervision and this thing chafing my leg. Anything I'm missing?
Peter Burke: Yeah, if you run and I catch you, which I will because I'm 2-0, you're not back here for 4 years, you're back here for good. You're gonna be tempted to look for Kate. Don't.

Peter Burke: Oh no, you don't get to lecture me on relationships. My wife didn't change her identity and flee the country to get away from me.

Peter Burke: Neal's smart and you know how much I like smart.

Peter Burke: You're in my house? On my couch? With my wife?
Neal Caffrey: Oh, hi Satchmo!
[petting Burke's dog]
Peter Burke: And you're petting my dog...

Peter Burke: You moved?
Neal Caffrey: [Looking around Park Avenue manson] Yeah, it's nicer than the other place don't you think?
Peter Burke: Yeah, I don't remember the other place having a view.

"White Collar: Withdrawal (#2.1)" (2010)
Investigative Committee Chair: Neal Caffrey is a felon. Will you explain the deal you had with him?
Peter Burke: He was serving the remainder of a four-year sentence under my supervision.
Investigative Committee Chair: He was wearing an electronic monitoring anklet with... a two *mile* range?
Peter Burke: Yes.
Investigative Committee Chair: But he wasn't wearing it at the time the plane exploded?
Peter Burke: No.
Investigative Committee Chair: Do you believe that Mr. Caffrey was attempting to flee the country?
Peter Burke: No. He cut a deal with the Office of Professional Responsibility. That allowed him...
[the Chair holds up his hand to stop Peter]
Investigative Committee Chair: Do you believe Mr. Caffrey wanted to kill Kate Moreau?
Peter Burke: That's ridiculous. No.
Investigative Committee Chair: Do you believe someone wanted Caffrey dead?
Peter Burke: [scoffs] Neal was a felon. He was convicted of bond forgery. And as you can see in those files, he was suspected of doing a hell of a lot of other things. Yeah, Neal was a pain in the ass. So did somebody from that past want him dead? Maybe. But he also helped me clear a 93% conviction rate. And that makes enemies, too.

Peter Burke: [visiting Neal in prison] How are you holding up?
Neal Caffrey: They don't let me wear ties.
Peter Burke: Overrated.
Neal Caffrey: Food's as bad as I remember.
Peter Burke: Coffee?
Neal Caffrey: Instant.
Peter Burke: [groans sympathetically] Cruel and unusual.

Peter Burke: I'm Special Agent Peter Burke. This is my consultant, Neal Caffrey.
Edward Walker: What do you consult on, Mr. Caffrey?
Neal Caffrey: Investigations that involve my areas of expertise.
Edward Walker: What areas are those?
Peter Burke: It's a long list.

Peter Burke: [showing Walker the Architect's calling card] You recognize this?
Edward Walker: Oh, I'm not an architect.
Peter Burke: No, you're just a hedge fund manager with too much time on his hands.
Edward Walker: Well, having a hobby is not illegal, is it?
Peter Burke: Depends on the hobby.

"White Collar: What Happens in Burma (#2.12)" (2011)
Neal Caffrey: Peter, you just burned a perfectly good alias!
Peter Burke: And you named me after my dog.
Neal Caffrey: Touche.

Clinton Jones: You just know these things.
Neal Caffrey: Yeah, that's why they keep me around. You'd need some muscle, a cargo plane, and a few grand in bribe money just to get started.
Peter Burke: You would.
Neal Caffrey: And who knows what else, because I have NEVER considered stealing gems in Burma.

Peter Burke: Alright, look. Obviously, there's more to the story with your dad. I don't know how badly it messed with your head.
Neal Caffrey: You're right. You don't.

Peter Burke: Tell me about your mother.
Neal Caffrey: Not a chance.
Peter Burke: C'mon.
Neal Caffrey: Nope.
Peter Burke: Did she wear hats?

"White Collar: Power Play (#2.15)" (2011)
Neal Caffrey: I don't need a warrant to break in.
Peter Burke: But this Neal Caffrey does.

Brooke: [as Peter approaches] I thought we were just gonna be speaking with your husband.
Elizabeth Burke: Oh, we were, but actually this is, um, Neal Caffrey.
[Neal winces]
Brooke: Are you an agent too?
Peter Burke: [posing as Neal] No. No, I wish I was. I'm just a consultant.
Brooke: So how does that work?
Peter Burke: [as Neal] Actually, I'm a criminal.
Brooke: A criminal?
Peter Burke: [as Neal] I've made a lot of really bad life choices which landed me in prison. But now I assist the FBI.
Brooke: Oh, okay, good.
[starts to leave with Neal]
Peter Burke: [as Neal] As a matter of fact, had it not been for Agent Burke here, I'd still be in prison. Rotting.
Neal Caffrey: [posing as Peter] You're giving me way more credit than I deserve.
Peter Burke: [as Neal] No, no, no, don't be modest, Peter. You caught me. Twice. And you can send me back anytime you want.

Brooke: [to Neal, who is posing as Burke] Um, is there any way you and I could speak, just the two of us?
Neal Caffrey: [as Peter] I know Neal seems intimidating, but he's very useful in cases like yours.
[glances at Peter]
Neal Caffrey: In fact, I think he's the single most valuable asset we have here at the Bureau.
Brooke: Please?
Neal Caffrey: [considers, as Peter] On second thought, Neal
[raises coffee mug]
Neal Caffrey: cream, no sugar.
Peter Burke: [as Neal] We have agents for that.
Neal Caffrey: [as Peter] I have something better. I have you.

Peter Burke: Moz, the US government is Not conducting mind control experiments
Mozzie: Hah! That's what they Made you think

"White Collar: Company Man (#2.8)" (2010)
Neal Caffrey: You want to use Jessica as bait?
Peter Burke: I'm meeting Kent in the afternoon. Maybe I can hint to him that she knows something.
Neal Caffrey: He'll come after her.
Peter Burke: And when he does, we take him down. Think she's up to it?
Neal Caffrey: Well, she's certainly driven.
Peter Burke: Yeah, that's what worries me. I'm not sure if she wants revenge or justice.
Neal Caffrey: I can't blame her either way.
Peter Burke: You have empathy for that woman.
Neal Caffrey: What if I do?
Peter Burke: There's a right way to do things and a wrong way. Revenge is the wrong way. It's short-sighted and it's dangerous.
Neal Caffrey: What's justice, then?
Peter Burke: It's restoring order, not furthering chaos.

Peter Burke: What are you, a party clown?
Neal Caffrey: I'm embezzling your quarter. There's a crime in progress. Solve it.

Peter Burke: You think you can land the job?
Neal Caffrey: Marketing? I could do marketing.

Neal Caffrey: I think you missed your calling. Tiny cup, big office, expensive suits?
Peter Burke: Ugly mugs are fine.
Neal Caffrey: Don't fight your instincts, Peter. Embrace your true self.
Peter Burke: You done?
Neal Caffrey: I can keep going.
Peter Burke: You're done.

"White Collar: Payback (#2.14)" (2011)
Peter Burke: When we first got married, I used to say, "I love you, honey." Then it became, "love you, honey," then "honey." Now all we need to say is, "hon."
Neal Caffrey: Very efficient.

Diana Barrigan: Who is this guy?
Peter Burke: He's an old rival of Neal's. They were bacarrat partners in Morroco.
Neal Caffrey: Backgammon in Monaco. Close. And we were never partners!

Peter Burke: [about Keller] He's a little bit more Ratso Rizzo than Cary Grant.
Neal Caffrey: I'm Cary Grant?
Peter Burke: Only in comparison to Ratso Rizzo.

"White Collar: Need to Know (#2.2)" (2010)
Neal Cafferty: Gary Jennings, state senator.
Peter Burke: You've heard of him?
Neal Cafferty: I am politically aware. He's popular. Even Mozzie voted for him.
Peter Burke: Mozzie votes?
Neal Cafferty: More often than you'd think. Or would approve of.

Peter Burke: This could work.
Neal Cafferty: All we need is a bad cop.
Peter Burke: I can do bad cop.
Neal Cafferty: I've seen you do mildly irritated cop.

Peter Burke: Diana? Come here a minute.
Peter Burke: [to Neal] You going to tell her?
Neal Cafferty: I'm not telling her.
Peter Burke: You're the one who made her a hooker.
Neal Cafferty: You're the one who's sleeping with her.
Peter Burke: You've got a point.
Peter Burke: [to Diana] Neal told Jennings you're a hooker. You and I are having an affair. You're going to go meet with an escort service.
Diana: Ok. Anything else?
Peter Burke: No.
Neal Cafferty: [after Diana walks away] It's good to have her back.

"White Collar: Burke's Seven (#2.10)" (2011)
Peter Burke: Fortunately, I keep a secret key-logger on my computer.
Neal Caffrey: I have never appreciated your distrust of me more.

Neal Caffrey: Because of your... situation...
Peter Burke: You make it sound like I'm dying.

Elizabeth Burke: Good luck with your little con.
Peter Burke: It's not a con.
Neal Caffrey: Technically it is a con.
Peter Burke: It's a sting.
Neal Caffrey: But sting's another word for a -
[Peter glares]
Neal Caffrey: Okay, let's start the sting.

"White Collar: Under the Radar (#2.16)" (2011)
Peter Burke: What we have today is a chance to take down one of the most notorious white-collar criminals in New York: Vincent Adler. As you know, Adler ran a Ponzi scheme about a half a decade ago that rivaled Bernie Madoff's.

Neal Caffrey: [trying to disarm a bomb] Beige is usually a neutral or bluff wire.
Peter Burke: "Usually"?
Neal Caffrey: I don't know if they bluffed with wire sixty years ago.

"White Collar: Judgment Day (#3.16)" (2012)
Peter Burke: You once told me you never lied to me and you never will. So I need to know something. The first time Kramer and I went after you for the Degas, how did you switch the paintings?
Neal Caffrey: I snuck up to the penthouse, pulled the swap, then base-jumped off the building and landed on Wall Street.
Peter Burke: [laughing it off] Fine. Don't tell me.

Peter Burke: When did you stop putting faith in people?
Agent Kramer: When they stopped deserving it.

"White Collar: Upper West Side Story (#3.12)" (2012)
Neal Caffrey: Morning, Peter.
Peter Burke: I see your quest for Manhattan's best brew continues.
Neal Caffrey: One's for you.
Peter Burke: Oh. Yankee tickets. Versus the Red Sox.
Neal Caffrey: Yeah, I got 'em from Frankie Whispers. I'm not gonna use 'em.
Peter Burke: They're behind home plate.
Neal Caffrey: Oh? I hear that's good.
Peter Burke: Uh-huh. You bought coffee, Yankee tickets. This is not your most subtle con.
Neal Caffrey: Con? Peter, I am hurt that you...
Peter Burke: You're trying to get back on my good side.
Neal Caffrey: Is that a crime?

Neal Caffrey: [seeing a prep school student in the FBI office] Did Hogwarts book a field trip?
Peter Burke: Looks like it.

"White Collar: Prisoner's Dilemma (#2.7)" (2010)
Peter Burke: [entering FBI HQ] Bancroft's here.
Neal Caffrey: Your boss' boss.
Peter Burke: This can't be good.
[Bancroft points at Peter and waves him closer]
Neal Caffrey: Do all the higher-ups do double finger point?
Peter Burke: They teach it at Quantico. Wait here.

Peter Burke: Neal, this is John Deckard from the Marshals' office.
John Deckard: Are you sure it's necessary to bring him in?
Peter Burke: Neal, how long did you evade the U.S. Marshals?
Neal Caffrey: Well, technically, they never found me. You did.
Kyle Bancroft: As I heard it, you had the Marshals searching for you along the Mexican Riviera.
[Neal chuckles]
Peter Burke: If anyone knows about evading arrest, it's Neal Caffrey.

"White Collar: On Guard (#3.1)" (2011)
Peter Burke: Okay, so I rushed to judgment.
Neal Caffrey: You had judgment on speed dial.

Mozzie: Your timing is impeccable, J. Edgar.
Peter Burke: Sorry, Amelia.

"White Collar: Parting Shots (#4.4)" (2012)
Neal Caffrey: I can't con a widow.
Peter Burke: You can if it's to save her.

Neal Caffrey: Neal Armstrong?
Peter Burke: Arms... arms. All those prosthetics in the evidence warehouse. At, at least it's better than Neal Handleman.
Neal Caffrey: No, it's not. I like Neal Handleman.
Peter Burke: Should have gone with Eisenhower.

"White Collar: Bottlenecked (#1.12)" (2010)
Peter Burke: Manuel Campos just died in ICU. His wife's a mess. Says she didn't see the driver. NYPD's out of leads. Tell me who's responsible for this.
Neal Caffrey: His name's Matthew Keller. He's the blue-collar version of me.

Peter Burke: This can't be good.
Reese Hughes: Why does everyone say that when I walk into their office?
Peter Burke: Do you have good news?
Reese Hughes: No.

"White Collar: In the Wind (#4.16)" (2013)
Peter Burke: You always told me working with Caffrey would put me dangerously close to the line.
Reese Hughes: Sometimes you have to redraw those lines to stay within them.

James Bennett: [entering Neal's apartment] Hey, Neal, you awake?
Neal Caffrey: What are you doing here so early?
James Bennett: Guess you didn't get Peter's call.
Neal Caffrey: Uh, no. I was sleeping. What's going on?
James Bennett: He didn't get into specifics. Just said we ought to meet here right away.
[Sara enters from the bedroom]
James Bennett: Didn't know you had company.
Neal Caffrey: I've got company.
James Bennett: I'm Neal's dad. You must be Kate.
Sara Ellis: Uh, Neal?
Neal Caffrey: I haven't told him everything.
James Bennett: Oh, sorry. Alex.
Sara Ellis: It's Sara.
James Bennett: The insurance investigator.
Sara Ellis: He shoots, he scores.
James Bennett: I should've brought more coffee.
Sara Ellis: Are more people coming?
Mozzie: [entering the apartment] Greetings, fellow conspirators.
Sara Ellis: Of course.
Mozzie: Who called Sara?
Sara Ellis: No one called me.
Mozzie: [taking a coffee cup from James] Well, here, take this. It's too late for caffeine.
Peter Burke: [entering the apartment] Oh, good, you're all here. Who called Sara?
Neal Caffrey: Okay, how is it possible that three grown men don't understand what's going on here?

"White Collar: Empire City (#4.13)" (2013)
Elizabeth Burke: Honey, you know Neal doesn't want you looking into the key.
Peter Burke: Neal doesn't lie to me. He hides the truth, he withholds it, but he... doesn't lie to me. And if he is, there's got to be a reason for it.

"White Collar: Family Business (#4.11)" (2013)
Peter Burke: You're James Bennett.
James Bennett: I understand you have every reason not to trust me right now, Burke.
Peter Burke: You told us you were Sam Phelps.
James Bennett: No, you assumed I was Sam Phelps. I didn't correct you.

"White Collar: Front Man (#1.13)" (2010)
Neal Caffrey: [seeing a new face at FBI HQ] Who's that?
Peter Burke: Kimberly Rice. Rising star in the Bureau.
Neal Caffrey: You're not a fan.
Peter Burke: Nope. She works in Kidnapping and Missing Persons.
Neal Caffrey: What's she doing in White Collar?
Peter Burke: She's here to see you.
Neal Caffrey: Whatever I did, I have proof I didn't do it.

"White Collar: Veiled Threat (#3.5)" (2011)
[Peter and Elizabeth are renewing their wedding vows]
Neal Caffrey: Preacher's here.
Peter Burke: That was fast.
Mozzie: Sorry I'm late.
Peter Burke: Don't tell me he's been ordained.
Neal Caffrey: Twice.
Peter Burke: Tax dodge?
Mozzie: [sarcastically] Oh, yeah, like I pay taxes.

"White Collar: Vested Interest (#4.10)" (2012)
Peter Burke: You ever wonder what would've happened if I hadn't made you my C.I.?
Neal Caffrey: I'd still be in jail and your arrest rate would be in the low 70s.
Peter Burke: High 80s.

"White Collar: Checkmate (#3.11)" (2012)
[last lines]
Peter Burke: This is a letter from the U.S. Probation Office. "It is to inform you that a hearing has been scheduled concerning your probation. Because of your outstanding service, including recovering the treasure and catching Keller, the U.S. Probation Office is convening a hearing to discuss the commutation of your sentence."
Neal Caffrey: What does that mean?
Peter Burke: It means no anklet. No nothing. In three months, you could be a free man.

"White Collar: Brass Tacks (#4.12)" (2013)
Mozzie: Neal...
Clinton Jones: Peter...
Neal Caffrey: Mozz...
Peter Burke: Jones!

"White Collar: Compromising Positions (#4.7)" (2012)
Neal Caffrey: I know how we can take Bryson's blackmail photos out of play.
Peter Burke: I'm all ears.
Neal Caffrey: How would you feel about sleeping with Sara Ellis?

"White Collar: Scott Free (#3.6)" (2011)
Peter Burke: [discussing their newest case] This guy's a skilled forger, safe cracker, lots of panache, and he's only twenty years old. Think we might be looking at the next Neal Caffrey.
Neal Caffrey: Mm-hmm. He's a hacker. I don't hack.
Peter Burke: You're right. A Neal Caffrey for the new millennia, then.
Neal Caffrey: When I was twenty, I didn't get caught.

"White Collar: On the Fence (#3.9)" (2011)
Peter Burke: No dusting off, no smiling. Don't come in here with a grin on your face.
Neal Caffrey: But I'm in.
Peter Burke: Yeah, but the plan was for me to haul you and her in to the FBI.
Neal Caffrey: I was good with that plan.
Peter Burke: And yet you yelled "FBI raid".
Neal Caffrey: Look, she had an artifact on her. Raquel wasn't about to turn herself in.
Peter Burke: Oh, "Raquel", huh? Hmm...
Neal Caffrey: What?
Peter Burke: Mysterious, gorgeous, she wears a hat. She's an expert in a certain subject that you find particularly sexy.
Neal Caffrey: What are you talking about?
Peter Burke: Just wondering why you ditched me.
Neal Caffrey: I told you, Peter, she's a thief.
Peter Burke: And you are...?
Neal Caffrey: Someone who escaped your capture in a crowded restaurant by saying two words: "FBI raid".
Peter Burke: Don't get cocky.

"White Collar: Point Blank (#2.9)" (2010)
Mozzie: Suit, we have a code red.
Peter Burke: Now is not the time, Mozzie.
Mozzie: It's a dark day when I turn towards the system instead of recoiling.
Peter Burke: Just spit it out.
Mozzie: Remember when you asked me to tell you if Neal was gonna do something stupid? Well, I regretfully report that... he's out of his anklet.
Peter Burke: Damn it!
Mozzie: But that's not the stupid part. He's got a gun.

"White Collar: Out of the Box (#1.14)" (2010)
Peter Burke: You said goodbye to everyone but me. Why?
Neal Caffrey: I dunno.
Peter Burke: Yeah, you do. Tell me.
Neal Caffrey: I don't know. Okay?
Peter Burke: Why?
Neal Caffrey: You know why.
Peter Burke: Tell me!
Neal Caffrey: [pause] 'Cause you're the only one who could change my mind.

"White Collar: Neighborhood Watch (#3.13)" (2012)
Peter Burke: That's a bright eyeshadow. What colour would you call that?
Neal Caffrey: Kingfisher?
Peter Burke: Made yourself right at home at the Stardust.
Neal Caffrey: Well, when you do a rubbing at a strip club, your options are limited.
Peter Burke: Oh I'm tempted to make a "rubbing at a strip club" joke.
Neal Caffrey: Put it right across the plate for you.
Peter Burke: You did.
Neal Caffrey: Glad you're above it.
Peter Burke: I am.

"White Collar: Identity Crisis (#4.6)" (2012)
Mozzie: [to Neal and Peter] Somebody's trying to kill me.
Peter Burke: What? Why am I not surprised?

"White Collar: The Original (#4.15)" (2013)
Neal Caffrey: Did you mention the Empire State Building in your file on Pratt?
Peter Burke: No. I left it out of the report. You're worried Callaway might be connected to the senator?
Neal Caffrey: Well, she was nice to me. When people are nice, they're usually working an angle.

"White Collar: Threads (#1.2)" (2009)
[Elizabeth has invited Peter out to lunch]
Elizabeth Burke: Honey, relax. You're not in trouble.
Peter Burke: [relieved] Oh, thank God.

"White Collar: Whack-A-Mole (#6.5)" (2014)
Peter Burke: I really need to kiss you right now.

"White Collar: Vital Signs (#1.10)" (2010)
Elizabeth Burke: [finding a business card in Peter's pocket] Honey?
Peter Burke: Yeah?
Elizabeth Burke: What is this?
Peter Burke: I was gonna talk to you about that. That is part of an undercover job I was working. And part of the cover was that I had to talk to another woman.
Elizabeth Burke: [flipping the card over] You must've been quite the conversationalist.
[shows Peter the personal cell number on the back]
Peter Burke: I had to flirt with her so Neal could get closer to the target.
Elizabeth Burke: Isn't it usually the other way around?
Peter Burke: Hmm. She chose me.
Elizabeth Burke: You had to seduce another woman?
Peter Burke: No. No. I had... just had drinks with her. Nothing happened, El. I swear.
[Elizabeth covers her mouth]
Peter Burke: Are you laughing?
[Elizabeth bursts into laughter]
Peter Burke: You're laughing. You're laughing.
Elizabeth Burke: [still laughing] You had to flirt? You hate flirting.
Peter Burke: I know. And now I remember why.
Elizabeth Burke: What did you say to her?
Peter Burke: I said that she looked thirsty.
[Elizabeth cracks up again]
Peter Burke: It worked.
Elizabeth Burke: [still laughing] Oh, please tell me there's surveillance video of this. I gotta see this.

"White Collar: Countermeasures (#2.13)" (2011)
Neal Caffrey: Peter, what's up?
Peter Burke: It looks like Ganz is pulling together a crew.
Neal Caffrey: What kind of crew?
Peter Burke: Mmm, not for rowing. Looks like muscle for hire.
Neal Caffrey: He's planning another heist.
Peter Burke: Yeah. I want to talk to Ford. Bring him in the office tomorrow.
Neal Caffrey: No, he's smart, Peter. You won't be able to sweat it out of him.
Peter Burke: You got a better idea?
Neal Caffrey: How do you feel about dinner parties?
Peter Burke: I hope that's a non sequitur.
Neal Caffrey: I'm having dinner with Ford and June tonight. You and Elizabeth should join us.
Peter Burke: You want me to bring my wife to a covert interrogation?
Neal Caffrey: It's perfect. He won't suspect you're a fed.
Peter Burke: Then who am I?
Neal Caffrey: Coworker.
Peter Burke: And what kind of cowork would that be?
Neal Caffrey: I may have implied that you're not exactly a noble citizen.
Peter Burke: No.
Neal Caffrey: Peter...
Peter Burke: I said no. Find another way.

"White Collar: Home Invasion (#1.11)" (2010)
[Peter is planning to stay in a hotel while his power is out]
Neal Caffrey: Peter, mi casa is su casa.
Peter Burke: Su casa is not *even* su casa.