Cole Aaronson
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Cole Aaronson (Character)
from "Scrubs" (2001)

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"Scrubs: Our Histories (#9.4)" (2009)
Dr. Cox: [J.D. and Turk are dancing in costumes. Dr. Cox stares interested. When they stop] Please tell me this is just an intermission, 'cause I don't want this show to ever end.
J.D.: Why are you here, Perry?
Dr. Cox: To laugh, to cry, to cry from laughing, but mostly to laugh at two desperate guys on an iceslide to an irralivant middle age.
J.D.: Well, not only have we been lettin' them know...
[turns to turk]
J.D.: Is that the right expression?
Turk: [mumbling to J.D] Yeah that's right, lettin' them know.
J.D.: [to dr. Cox again] we've been lettin' them know, by doing the cabbage patch, the running man and the capoera.
Turk: That's right, that's brazzilian dance fight! In your face.
Dr. Cox: [looking around] Where's the jackass?
[whissles for attention]
Dr. Cox: Jackass! Come!
Cole Aaronson: What up?
Dr. Cox: Now you are the host of this party and to some extend the voice of your generation and while I sadly acknowledge that heralds the coming apocalypse I do value your opinion on one thing in particular.
Cole Aaronson: Woaw... You're like shakespear, jo.
Dr. Cox: I am. I am like shakespear, jo. Now look around the room really quick and tell me the five lamest people that you see. Feel free to start with me.
Cole Aaronson: [points at dr. Cox] One: old.
[points at Ted]
Cole Aaronson: two: bald and shiney.
[points at Kelso]
Cole Aaronson: three: Superold.
[points at security guard]
Cole Aaronson: four: checked out my jug at the urinal. and...
[points at unknown guy]
Cole Aaronson: five: as weird junk, number four told me.
Turk: We didn't make the list.
J.D.: Nope, we didn't.
Turk: You've just been served.
J.D.: Yeah and you know what? We're going to rub it in your face a little bit by doing some brazilian fight dancing. Five, six, seven, eight
[start dancing and J.D. kicks Turk accidentically in the face and Turk falls down]
Dr. Cox: That was outstanding!
J.D.: [voice over] Sometimes reality takes the form of a kick to the head...
Cole Aaronson: SOrry bros. You've just been brougt to the numbers one and two of my lame-list.
J.D.: Why I think Turk should be numer one cause he appears to be bleeding.
[while Dr. Cox makes a photo of Turk lying there you hear J.D. his voice]
J.D.: ... Other times it gets right up in your grill.