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Quotes for
Miranda (Character)
from "Miranda" (2009)

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"Miranda: A New Low (#2.4)" (2010)
[Miranda, Stevie, and Tamara have just completed an evening art class]
Tamara: Hey, crazy ladies. Listen. Shall we go out?
Stevie: When?
Tamara: Tonight.
Miranda, Stevie: What? But we are out!
Tamara: Let's go out-out! To a club!
Miranda: Now? But it's nearly nine. Four words: Rush home for Poirot.

"Miranda: Date (#1.1)" (2009)
Miranda: Morning Stevie.
Stevie: After noon. It's nearly lunch time.
Miranda: Oh the trains were a nightmare. It's a hellish journey.
Stevie: You live upstairs.
Miranda: There were leaves on the carpet.