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Illusive Man (Character)
from Mass Effect 2 (2010) (VG)

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Mass Effect 2 (2010) (VG)
The Illusive Man: [From Trailer] We're at war. No one wants to admit it but Humanity's under attack. One very specific man might be all that stands between Humanity and the greatest threat of our brief existence.
The Illusive Man: We need a leader, and surround him with the brightest, the toughest, the deadliest allies we can find. The team will have to be strong, their resolve unquestionable.

The Illusive Man: Shepard, you're making a habit of costing me more than time and money.
Commander Shepard: I'm sorry, I'm having trouble hearing you- I'm getting a lot of bullshit on this line.

The Illusive Man: I made you, Shepard! I brought you back from the dead!
Commander Shepard: And I'm going to do what you brought me back to do. I'll fight and win this war without compromising the soul of our species.

Mass Effect 3 (2012) (VG)
Illusive Man: I'm done helping you.
Commander Shepard - Male: When did you start?