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Quotes for
Merrill Whooly (Character)
from Satan's Little Helper (2004)

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Satan's Little Helper (2004)
Merrill Whooly: [on cell-phone handset] Betty! No, I'm in the car. I'm going to pick up Jenna at the ferry. She came home to spend Halloween with her brother. Is that true love or what?
Douglas "Dougie" Whooly: Jenna's my girlfriend. I'm going to marry her.
Merrill Whooly: He says he's going to marry her. I don't think they got up to the word "incest" in the third grade, yet.
Douglas "Dougie" Whooly: You said "sex"!
Merrill Whooly: [to Dougie] I said "incest," and don't be so stupid - play your game!

Merrill Whooly: [on cell-phone handset] That's why I was calling you: I *do* have a costume! I'm putting together this Carmen-Miranda-and-Chiquita-Banana-type thing. It came to me in a dream. Actually, I *was* stoned.
[covers her mouth after realizing that her young son is in the car with her]