Vance Wilder Sr.
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Vance Wilder Sr. (Character)
from Van Wilder: Freshman Year (2009) (V)

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Van Wilder (2002)
Vance Wilder, Sr.: Van is still in school?
Assistant: For the better part of a decade.

Vance Wilder, Sr.: Sweet Joesph, my son's a fairy.

Vance Wilder, Sr.: Where can I find Van Wilder?
Wasted Guy: In the Guinness Book of World-fucking-Records, man... under "Raddest Fucking Dude Alive"!
Vance Wilder, Sr.: Ok. Thanks.
Wasted Guy: In any one of these three rooms, Gramps.

Vance Wilder, Sr.: Excuse me? Can you tell me where I might find the 'Radest fucking dude alive'?

Vance Wilder, Sr.: You have wasted enough of your time and my money. So pack up your panties, son, because we are heading home.