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Father (Character)
from "Metal Mickey" (1980)

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"Metal Mickey: Metal Mickey Lives (#1.1)" (1980)
Mother: Haley's alright.
Father: Haley?
Mother: Haley, your daughter. You remember...
Father: Of course I remember. I suppose her head's stuck in one of those sloppy books?
Mother: Oh, I don't think they do her any harm, dear.
Father: They're rubbish. I mean love, romance, what on Earth's any of that to do with adult life, hm?
Mother: Hm, not much.

Father: [fiddling about with remote control] Oh look, Marjorie, Granny, I'm controlling the robot.
Granny: Yes, dear, who's controlling you?

Father: It can't stay here son, I mean, you know, this is there are a lot of valuable things in this bungalow, the double glasing, my plants, Granny.
Granny: In that order.

Ken: Well, it's about Metal Mickey.
Father: No, I'm sorry, Ken, I've mad up my mind on this one, this is a small bungalow and there's not enough room for another...
Granny: [interrupting] useless piece of scrapmetal on wheels.

"Metal Mickey: Many a Mickey (#2.4)" (1981)
Father: Now listen to me, Marjorie. Today's our anniversary. We're celebrating 22 years of togetherness. And if you don't hurry up, I'm gonna go without you.

Father: Alright, lets stop, think and go back for whatever it is we've forgotten. Handbag?
[Marjorie pats the handbag under her arm]
Father: Watch?
[Marjorie points at her watch]
Father: Make-up?
[Marjorie gently slaps her cheek]
Father: Knickers?

"Metal Mickey: Taking the Mickey (#1.4)" (1980)
Granny: Aw!
Father: Granny are you alright?
Granny: It's me hearing aid.
Father: Well, what, did it hurt?
Granny: Worse. It's just picked up Terry Wogan.

Father: Can't wait to tell them at work. They will laugh...
Haley: It's not funny, dad!
Father: When I say something funny, my staff laugh.
Janey: It's a condition to their employment.

"Metal Mickey: School Master Mickey (#1.2)" (1980)
Father: You son, are an idiot.
Steve: Must be hereditary, dad.

"Metal Mickey: Caveman Mickey (#2.1)" (1981)
Mother: Do you think it's coming to eat us, dear?
Father: No, Marjorie, it's coming for a cup of tea.
Mother: Oh, we haven't any cups!
Father: Ooh...
Mother: Still, I suppose it would drink it's tea out of a dino-saucer.

"Metal Mickey: Mickey the Demon Barber (#2.2)" (1981)
Mother: Dear...
Father: Hm?
Mother: Why has Steve got the tea cosy on his head?
Father: He's turned Muslim.
Mother: Ah, and he was so looking forward to Christmas.

"Metal Mickey: Mickey in Love (#1.7)" (1980)
Mother: I do wish Steve was here.
Granny: So do I.
Mother: Still I'm glad he went on that school trip to Paris.
Father: Yes, so am I.
Father: Never did like the French.

"Metal Mickey: Mickey Makes Money (#1.3)" (1980)
Father: Counterfeiting, involving us? Don't be silly!
Detective: Are you calling a police officer silly, sir?
Father: What? Oh, no, no, no, I wouldn't do that, don't be si...
[catches himself]

"Metal Mickey: Hiccy Mickey (#1.5)" (1980)
Father: [addressing his two guests] Come in, Mrs. Baraclough, come in sir.
Mother: Oh this must be your area manager and his wife, dear.
Father: No, it's Batman and Robin.
Mother: Oh. Hello. We haven't got enough food for six, dear.

"Metal Mickey: Top Secret Mickey (#1.6)" (1980)
Mother: Busy with your flowers, dear?
Father: No Marjorie, I'm sliding around on a roller skate in a grass skirt with a banana on my ear.
Mother: Oh, that reminds me.
Father: What?
Mother: I forgot banana's.

"Metal Mickey: Music Man Mickey (#1.8)" (1980)
Father: [Mother has brought Mickey home] Marjorie, it's Ken's robot!
Mother: No dear, it's the abominable snowman.
Father: Oho, silly me.