Bobby Talercio
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Bobby Talercio (Character)
from "Ugly Betty" (2006)

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"Ugly Betty: The Past Presents the Future (#4.19)" (2010)
Justin Suarez: I'm going to meet Austin.
Hilda Suarez: Where are you going?
Justin Suarez: Nowhere. Just hanging out.
Hilda Suarez: [to Bobby] Why is everything about Austin always such a big secret?
Bobby Talercio: No secret. Austin's a good kid. They're both good kids. Everything's cool.
Hilda Suarez: What's going on? Do you know something?
Bobby Talercio: No. I don't know anything. What, what would I know?
Hilda Suarez: You do know something. I swear to God, Bobby, you better tell me.
Bobby Talercio: No, I can't. I promised I wouldn't say anything. I'm not gonna break that promise.
Hilda Suarez: He's on drugs. Oh, my God! That Austin kid has got my baby hooked on drugs!
Bobby Talercio: It's not drugs.
Hilda Suarez: Well, then, what is it, Bobby? Because I cannot think of another reason why my son is always spending time with Austin. Oh, suddenly he's sneaking off all the time, or he's up in the room with the door...
[pauses as Bobby stares at her]
Hilda Suarez: Ooohhhhh.