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Quotes for
Andy (Character)
from Sex Drive (2008)

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Sex Drive (2008)
Randy: What's Up?
Andy: What's Up, what's up?
Randy: You wanna party?

Andy: Hey babe, you wanna party?
Girl Entering Party: I'm at a party.
Randy: You wanna make out with us?

Randy: You wear thong underpants?
Andy: You want us to take our shirts off?
Randy: Where do you live?
Andy: Is your mom hot too?
Randy: Where do you live?
Andy: What's your address?
Randy: You like pizza?

Fundraising Girl: Hi. I'm collecting for the underprivileged children of Ecuador. Would you like to help?
Andy: Not really.
Randy: We don't have any money.
Andy: No jobs.
Randy: You wanna party?
Fundraising Girl: Um, I'm kind of working right now.
Andy: When're you done?
Randy: Yeah, what're you doing after?
Fundraising Girl: I have a church thing tonight.
Andy: Kickass! We'll come.
Randy: Yeah, where is it?
Andy: Is there gonna be more hot snatch like you there?
Randy: Do you wear thong underpants?
Andy: Do you want us to take our shirts off?
Randy: What color bra are you wearing?
Andy: Is your mom hot too?
Randy: Are you into me? Where do you live?
Andy: What color car do you have?
Randy: Where do you live?
Andy: What's your address?
Randy: Do you want us to come over?
Andy: Do you like pizza?
Randy: We've been to a motel.

Randy: So where's Felicia?
Andy: Fel-ate-cha. Yeah.
Ian: She's in...
Andy: Fe-lay-cha! You banging her?
Ian: We're just friends.
Randy: I'm uncircumcised.
Girl: Fuck off!
Randy: Wait, I thought you took her to prom?
Ian: Yeah, but it was a just-friends kinda thing.
Randy: You should bang her. We would.
Andy: Dude, we would bang her so hard.
Randy: Tell her we'll bang her for you if you're not into it!
Andy: Yeah. Hard.
Randy: With our dicks!
Andy: Yeah, our dicks are huge!
Randy: You can see them from space!

Ian: Where do you guys get the confidence to, like, hit on every girl you see?
Randy: Cause we're the shit.
Andy: Yeah, you oughta know that, bitch.

Andy: You gotta get over the monkey.

Randy: Oh, what's up, what's up?
Andy: What's up what's up?

Ian: Hey, uh, can I ask you guys a question?
Randy: You just did!
Ian: Can I ask you guys another question?
Andy: You just did again!

Andy: Why dontcha take a picture Ian?
Randy: Yeah, and post it on total fucking awesomeness dot com!
Andy: Backslash we rule!
Randy: Wheredja come up with that?

Randy: We were just banging that chick in our car.
Female Cop: Yea, you mentioned that.
Andy: Yea, super hard.