'Big Daddy' La Bouff
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'Big Daddy' La Bouff (Character)
from The Princess and the Frog (2009)

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The Princess and the Frog (2009)
Tiana: Congratulations on being voted King of the Mardi Gras parade.
'Big Daddy' La Bouff: Caught me completely by surprise... for the fifth year in a row!

'Big Daddy' La Bouff: [to young Charlotte, in a very firm voice] All right, now, Princess, you're gettin' that dress, but that's IT. No more Mr. Pushover!
[In a much gentler voice]
'Big Daddy' La Bouff: Now, who wants a puppy?

Charlotte: Oh, Tia, Tia, Tia, Tia, mmm, did you hear the news? Tell her, oh, tell her, Big Daddy!
'Big Daddy' La Bouff: Oh, uh, Prince Naveen...
Charlotte: Prince Naveen of Maldonia is coming to New Orleans!
Charlotte: Oh, isn't he the bees' knees? Ooh, tell her what you did, Big Daddy!
[shakes him vigorously]
Charlotte: TELL HER!
'Big Daddy' La Bouff: Well, I invited...
Charlotte: Big Daddy invited the prince to our masquerade ball tonight! Oh! Ooh, tell her what else you did, Big Daddy!
Charlotte: Go on.
'Big Daddy' La Bouff: And he's staying...
Charlotte: And he's staying...
'Big Daddy' La Bouff: [stuffs beignet in Charlotte's mouth] And he's staying at our house as my personal guest.
Charlotte: [nods, with beignet in mouth] Mm hmm!