Fan Scrooge
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Fan Scrooge (Character)
from A Christmas Carol (2009)

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Scrooged (1988)
James Cross: You know what they say about people who treat other people bad on the way up?
Frank Cross: Yeah, you get to treat 'em bad on the way back down too. It's great, you get two chances to rough 'em up.

[last lines]
James Cross: My brother, the king of Christmas!

[last lines after Frank Cross broke the fourth wall by encouraging the viewers to join the cast in singing "Put a Little Love in Your Heart"]
James Cross: [to Wendie and his friends, excited] My brother, the King of Christmas!

A Christmas Carol (1984) (TV)
Young Scrooge: [Fan enters the boarding school where young Ebenezer sleeps on a desk] Fan?
[they hug]
Fan: Dear, dear brother! I've come to bring you home, brother. Home for good and all! Father is so much kinder now than he used to be. One night, he spoke with me so gently that I worked up the courage to ask him if you might come home! And he said yes, you should. We came in a coach to pick you up; it's right outside!
Young Scrooge: You've grown into quite a young woman, Fan.
Fan: And you've grown into quite a young man, never to need see this lonely place again. Come on, let's not keep Father waiting.
[they dash outside to meet their father. Young Ebenezer starts to hug Silas, but the elder man holds out his walking-stick, preventing the boy from doing so]
Silas Scrooge: There, there, boy. Let's have a look at you. Well, they haven't been overfeeding you. That's certain.
Young Scrooge: I've grown, Fan tells me.
Silas Scrooge: Yes, most boys do. I imagine she's also told you that you're not moving back here. So it's time you made your way in the world. I've arrange an apprenticeship for you. You'll move into Mr. Fezziwig's establishment in three days' time.
Fan: Three days, Father? It's been YEARS since we've had my brother at home! I was hoping we'd have him for longer.
Silas Scrooge: LONGER? Three days is QUITE long enough for BOTH of us. You DO agree, Ebenezer, DON'T you?
Young Scrooge: Indeed, Sir. Quite long enough.
Silas Scrooge: That's better. Come along, Fan.
[They ride off for home]