Jane Seever
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Jane Seever (Character)
from "Life" (2007/I)

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"Life: 5 Quarts (#2.19)" (2009/I)
Charlie Crews: I guess we'll have to make two reports.
Jane Seever: Homicide and... robbery.
Charlie Crews: Someone stole his blood.

Jane Seever: [about morgue party] They all knew?
Fiera Schwartz: [affirmative]
Jane Seever: Are there any rules any more?
Fiera Schwartz: No smoking.

"Life: Initiative 38 (#2.20)" (2009/I)
Jane Seever: I would vote for you.
Charlie Crews: Oh, you don't have to sat that.
Jane Seever: I know, but I would. I think you'd make a good mayor.
Charlie Crews: I wouldn't want to be mayor.
Jane Seever: That's why you would be such a good one.
Charlie Crews: Is that Zen?
Jane Seever: It is?