Phil Cerreta
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Phil Cerreta (Character)
from "Law & Order" (1990)

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"Law & Order: Aria (#2.3)" (1991)
Patricia 'Patti' Blaine: My mother couldn't decide if I was Martha Graham or Helen Hayes.
Phil Cerreta: Who were you?
Patricia 'Patti' Blaine: I was Patty Blaine. So I got out before I wasn't.

Mike Logan: Are you gonna make your kids do things they don't want?
Phil Cerreta: From the time they're on this earth. 'Brush your teeth, do your homework, you're grounded'.
Mike Logan: That's not the same.

"Law & Order: The Wages of Love (#2.2)" (1991)
Detective Mike Logan: Here you go.
[Hands Cerreta a hot dog]
Sergeant Phil Cerreta: Best hot dog in the city?
Detective Mike Logan: 86th and 3rd, the Papaya Place.
Sergeant Phil Cerreta: [Takes a bite] Ptomaine city. You want this?
Detective Mike Logan: Yeah.
Sergeant Phil Cerreta: What's around here? Antonio's... go get some calimari.
Detective Mike Logan: Listen Phil, I don't eat anything that squirts ink, okay?

Sergeant Phil Cerreta: [discussing indicting a suspect with little evidence] You know, I wish we had the gun.
Donald Cragen: I wish I had a girlfriend named Lola.

"Law & Order: Heaven (#2.10)" (1991)
[viewing bodies of people killed in a fire]
Det. Mike Logan: I've never seen this many. You?
Sgt. Phil Cerreta: Not in civilian life.

Sgt. Phil Cerreta: Some alibi: "I'm not an arsonist, I'm an extortionist."

"Law & Order: His Hour Upon the Stage (#2.11)" (1991)
Mike Logan: You know, there's a lesson in this: never fall in love with an actress.
Phil Cerreta: Rex Harrison said it. They never stop acting.

Mike Logan: Five years ago, she's 24, he's 39.
Phil Cerreta: Yeah, well, May-December romance is not exactly unheard of.
Mike Logan: Yeah, but December usually comes with Santa Claus.

"Law & Order: Out of Control (#2.8)" (1991)
Phil Cerreta: [to Dr. Olivet about Andrea] Did you get any read off her?
Dr. Elizabeth Olivet: After 15 minutes? How about some top of the mind, inadmissable, subjective impressions?
Mike Logan: Just as long as you don't go out on a limb.
Dr. Elizabeth Olivet: Is it just me, detective, or all women with triple digit IQ's?
Mike Logan: Oh, well, you're the only one I know, Doc.

Phil Cerreta: [to Gail Carradine] It doesn't take Sigmund Freud to see you're nervous, Gail.

"Law & Order: Helpless (#3.6)" (1992)
Celia Walsh: Six blissful years of marriage that took 10 years of therapy to forget.
Phil Cerreta: He abused you?
Celia Walsh: It's amazing what people put up with under the heading of "love."

"Law & Order: Vengeance (#2.16)" (1992)
Detective Mike Logan: [finds a Polaroid camera] Matches the cartridge box found in her apartment.
Sergeant Phil Cerreta: My son has one of those.

"Law & Order: Prince of Darkness (#3.8)" (1992)
Sergeant Phil Cerreta: We can search his apartment. You think we need a warrant?
Detective Mike Logan: Manuel's not a suspect. He's a victim. We'd be doing him a favor.
Sergeant Phil Cerreta: I like your thinking.