Spike Hammersmith
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Spike Hammersmith (Character)
from Little Giants (1994)

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Little Giants (1994)
Spike: No mercy!
Becky O'Shea: No ball.

Spike: Spike's in hell. Spike's in pee wee hell!

Spike: Your mine, Pom Pom!

Spike: Look, you berzerko Barbie doll, when you mess with Spike, you mess with death.
Becky O'Shea: You can talk the talk but can you walk the walk?
Spike: Try me!
Becky O'Shea: I will!
Spike: Let's go!
Becky O'Shea: Right now!
Jake Berman: Somebody call 911!

Spike: Is Spike mistaken, but aren't you a girl?
Becky O'Shea: Gee, good eye
Spike: Spike don't play with girls!