Carl Jenkins
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Carl Jenkins (Character)
from Graduation (2007)

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Graduation (2007)
Suzy Winters: Carl?
Carl Jenkins: No way.
[walks over to Suzy who is behind the counter at the bank]
Carl Jenkins: Suzy Winters? What the hell happened to you?
Suzy Winters: Oh you know. After graduation parent's gave me the boot. I worked retail for a while. It sucked. So I yanked the studs, ditched the leather and now I work here.
Carl Jenkins: And Suzy Winters goes suit.
Suzy Winters: Not quite. Remember that thing we talked about a long time ago?
[Lifts up shirt to reveal a thestooges tattoo on her thigh]
Carl Jenkins: Oooh, wow.
[lifts up shirt to show Suzy tattoo of Iggy Pop on his back]
Suzy Winters: Iggy Pop! That is so cool.
Carl Jenkins: You know you're the first person to guess that?
Suzy Winters: Well the face is kinda messed up.
Barbara: [walks up to Suzy] I need you to go to the back and finish those files.
Suzy Winters: Barbara! I am helping a customer.
[Carl gives Barbara a funny smile]
Barbara: Is that what you call it?
[walks away]
Suzy Winters: God. What a vagina.
Carl Jenkins: Ooooh
Carl Jenkins: So I haven't been back to...
Suzy Winters: Me neither.
Carl Jenkins: Well maybe we should give it a whirl. See if that tree is still there. And after we can follow it with a totally non sexual vibe power lunch at Steak and Shake.
Suzy Winters: I'm vegan now.
Carl Jenkins: You're vegan! I'm Vegan too.
Suzy Winters: Better not. No offense but things are different now that i'm out of school.
Carl Jenkins: Right.
[nods and walks away]
Carl Jenkins: Where's your bathroom?

Tom Jackson: [walks up to Chauncy and Polly dancing] I have to say you too are the cutest couple on the dance floor.
[sees Suzy and Carl walking up]
Tom Jackson: Take that back.
Carl Jenkins: Hey everyone.
Polly Deely: Hi.
Carl Jenkins: This is Suzy. She graduated a year ahead of us.
Suzy Winters: [to Polly] I work for your dad now.
Polly Deely: [sarcastically] Right.
Tom Jackson: Hi. I'm Tom. Jackson. I wouldn't know my whole from my head in the ground.
Carl Jenkins: [confused] All right!
[to Suzy]
Carl Jenkins: Lets dance.