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Quotes for
Getz (Character)
from "Breaking Bad" (2008)

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"Breaking Bad: Better Call Saul (#2.8)" (2009)
Getz: [Interrogating Badger] Hey, I'm trying to help ya here, man. Now, if you just tell me who your supplier is, I think this can end very well for you.
Saul Goodman: EHHHHH! Whaddya doin' Detective? What're you doin' talkin' to my client without me present? You Sneaky Pete! Which is which? What'd the academy hire you right outta the womb? You guys get younger every...
Saul Goodman: [Turning to Badger]
Saul Goodman: What'd you say to Babyface? Huh? Didja say anything stupid? And by "anything stupid" I mean anything at all!
Badger: I... I, uh...
Saul Goodman: Ah, look at you, mouth open, vocal chords all atwitter! Yeah, we'll talk about that later!
Saul Goodman: [Turns back to Getz]
Saul Goodman: Right now, you, OUT! TEN MINUTES AGO. There are laws, Detective, have your kindergarten teacher read 'em to ya! Right, go grab a juice box, have a nap, go on!