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Marshal Gib Scott (Character)
from "Black Saddle" (1959)

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"Black Saddle: Client: Travers (#1.1)" (1959)
[hearing a sound behind him, Clay whirls gun in hand]
Marshal Gib Scott: Fast... takes a lot of experience to get that fast. I know your trade - what's your name?
Clay Culhane: Where I grew up, asking a man his name can be unhealthy.
Marshal Gib Scott: One of the hazards of my job. Your name.
Clay Culhane: Culhane... Clay Culhane.
Marshal Gib Scott: Well, I haven't heard much about the Culhanes since that shootout over in Marathon. Some of your family was killed.
Clay Culhane: Both my brothers.
Marshal Gib Scott: Seems I heard you crawled off and died, too.
Clay Culhane: Well, as you can see, that story's just a little bit exaggerated.

Marshal Gib Scott: I've been worried that Nora might get desperate enough to bring in a gun.
Clay Culhane: Oh, now look...
Marshal Gib Scott: Oh, I know... You're a lawyer.
Clay Culhane: Maybe you'd like to see my certificate, Marshal.
Marshal Gib Scott: It wouldn't make any difference, 'cause it wouldn't change the kind of man you are, Culhane. When trouble comes, you'll reach for that .45, not your law books.

Clay Culhane: What is this Pardee?
Marshal Gib Scott: Rancher, cattleman...
Clay Culhane: And liar.
Marshal Gib Scott: There's no law against that.

Nora Travers: Pardee?
Clay Culhane: He's dead.
Marshal Gib Scott: He'd a been smarter to face you in a courtroom.
Nora Travers: I have an idea he'd still have lost.
Marshal Gib Scott: Yeah - but not so permanently.

[last lines]
Nora Travers: It's very quiet.
Clay Culhane: A town needs people to live.
Nora Travers: They'll be coming back.
Clay Culhane: Then maybe you'll need a lawyer here... That's if there's someone around to enforce the law.
Marshal Gib Scott: With your kind of gun-wranglin', there better be.
Clay Culhane: You're stayin'?
Marshal Gib Scott: I'm stayin'.

Nora Travers: Pardee?
Clay Culhane: He's dead.
Marshal Gib Scott: He won't need a courtroom.
Nora Travers: I have an idea he'd still have lost.
Clay Culhane: Yeah. But not so permanently.

Clay Culhane: maybe you'll need a lawyer here. That is if there's someone around to enforce the law.
Marshal Gib Scott: With your kind of gun wranglin', there better be.
Clay Culhane: You're staying?
Marshal Gib Scott: I'm staying.

Marshal Gib Scott: Your name?
Clay Culhane: Culhane. Clay Culhane.
Marshal Gib Scott: , I haven't heard about the Culhane's since that shootout over in Marathon. When your family was killed.
Clay Culhane: Both my brothers.
Marshal Gib Scott: Seems I heard you crawled off and died too.
Clay Culhane: Well, as you can see, that story's just a little bit exaggerated.

"Black Saddle: Client: Mowery (#1.11)" (1959)
Marshal Gib Scott: I'll take your gun.
Grant Mowery: You'll only get what's in it.

Marshal Gib Scott: This survivorship clause... does that mean winner take all?
Clay Culhane: That was one clause he was very explicit about making sure it was in.
Marshal Gib Scott: Coley Dakins and Pit Thatcher are the other heirs...

Marshal Gib Scott: Why would Mallory name me in his will?
Clay Culhane: That's got me, too, Scott.
Marshal Gib Scott: You shoot a man and he pays you off. Doesn't make sense.
Clay Culhane: Not unless Dakins and Thatcher figure three is a crowd. They might like it better with a two-way split.
Marshal Gib Scott: I see what you mean.
Clay Culhane: Just could by Mowery's way of payin' them to kill you.

Marshal Gib Scott: I'm goin' through my wanted files. Could be that's where I've seen Malloy's face before.
Clay Culhane: Well now, while you're at it, don't overlook Dakins and Thatcher. The price on their heads might take the one off yours.

Clay Culhane: Two fellows just rode in.
Marshal Gib Scott: I saw them from the window. You think they're the ones?
Clay Culhane: Well, you might ask if they've come to kill ya.
Marshal Gib Scott: What if they say "no".
Clay Culhane: Well, that's one way to start a conversation.

Marshal Gib Scott: They look like they're sizin' me for a pine box. How do you size them, Culhane?
Clay Culhane: Warm, friendly, smiling men. If you were dyin' of thirst they'd give you all the salt water you could drink.

[last lines]
Marshal Gib Scott: I guess I owe you somethin'.
Clay Culhane: Yeah... pay him for Dakins' haircut.

"Black Saddle: The Freight Line (#2.6)" (1959)
Marshal Gib Scott: [to Clay] You know, Nora's sure lucky - having a fellow like you to do all her thinking for her.

Nora Travers: You're hurt.
Marshal Gib Scott: Well, don't waste any time fussing over me now. You can do that later.

Marshal Gib Scott: How's Santa Fe?
Clay Culhane: Same as ever.
Marshal Gib Scott: How's Nora?
Clay Culhane: Walking on velvet.
Marshal Gib Scott: Does that mean she got the mail franchise?
Clay Culhane: She got it.
Marshal Gib Scott: Well, that's fine!
Clay Culhane: I've been trying to talk her out of running that freight line.
Marshal Gib Scott: Why?
Clay Culhane: It's no job for a woman.
Marshal Gib Scott: Well, Nora's different.
Clay Culhane: Not THAT different.
Marshal Gib Scott: You don't know when you're well off, Cuhane. As long as she has the freight line to fool around with, she'll be happy. There'll be no more of this loco talk about waltzing off to San Francisco.
Clay Culhane: I figured you might help me talk her out of it, Gib.
Marshal Gib Scott: Oh, no sir! Not me. I'm proud of her!
Clay Culhane: I might have known you would be.

"Black Saddle: Murdock (#2.7)" (1959)
Marshal Gib Scott: What kind of law is it that protects a killer?
Clay Culhane: A good one. Without it, the law could dog us the rest of our lives for something we've been cleared of. We'd never be free. We'd never be free, even if a dozen juries said not guilty.

Murdock: No matter what you know, or think you know... I'm innocent... by law.
Marshal Gib Scott: You better get out of Latigo. Just as quick as you can.
Murdock: I'm gonna stay in this town just so long as I please, Marshal. And if I've a mind to, I'll walk out on the street and I'll yell how I killed the preacher and Marshal Gib Scott was too dumb to prove it. You've been top dog, throwing me in jail just cause I had a few drinks or cause I stood up for my rights. Well, that badge sure don't entitle you to no trouble now. It's my turn to be top dog, and there's nothing you can do.

"Black Saddle: Client: Starkey (#1.5)" (1959)
Marshal Gib Scott: Is the Starkey woman a client of yours?
Clay Culhane: No. I doesn't look like she needs a lawyer right now as much as she needs someone to see she isn't killed.

Clay Culhane: Taking over a whole town wasn't easy. It takes a brain. Starkey wasn't smart enough. Oh, he was tough, used to taking orders - especially from his old commanding officer.
Marshal Gib Scott: What happened, Gunther? He get greedy... or just fed up?
Clay Culhane: Oh, I don't suppose it mattered much, Marshal. Pawns are expendable - they come cheap.

"Black Saddle: Change of Venue (#2.11)" (1959)
Marshal Gib Scott: 'Change of venue ordered for Thomas Brandon.'
Clay Culhane: I uh... wired Santa Fe as soon as I saw those
Clay Culhane: hands ride in.
Frank Brandon: We figured Tom wouldn't get a fair hearing in Latigo.
Marshal Gib Scott: You're just full of brainy notions, aren't you, Culhane? Only, I'm the one that's got the pleasure of trying to get him to Santa Fe.
Clay Culhane: Well now you know it's the best thing to do.
Marshal Gib Scott: What I think doesn't change this. The next time you line me up with a job like this, Culhane, at least give me time to look forward to it. Now, do you mind if I wait 'till dark?
Clay Culhane: Carla and the others rode out of here hours ago.
Marshal Gib Scott: I know. But before they left she told me they'd hang Tom whenever they were ready. And it's a long ride to Santa Fe.

Marshal Gib Scott: He's had enough!
Clay Culhane: What do you mean enough? I only hit him once. I've got a lump on my head the size of your fist!

"Black Saddle: Client: Northrup (#1.9)" (1959)
Marshal Gib Scott: I should let the deputy in Sequoya know what's headed his way... but I guess I'll let him make up his own mind about Northrop.
Clay Culhane: Maybe he'll name the baby after ya.

Marshal Gib Scott: You've never been too choosy about who you spoke for, Mister. But I figured you'd draw the line somewhere!
Clay Culhane: Marshall, when I first came to Latigo, you told me that if the law were broken, you'd do something about it; but you'd never arrest a man just because you don't like him.

"Black Saddle: Client: Meade (#1.2)" (1959)
Marshal Gib Scott: Well, Latigo used to be a quiet place; now they start the day with a powder burning contest. You holding a gunfighter's convention?

Clay Culhane: I went to him as a lawyer, not a gunfighter.
Marshal Gib Scott: Some of us have a little trouble telling the difference, Mr. Caulhane

"Black Saddle: Means to an End (#2.16)" (1960)
Marshal Gib Scott: Culhane, I've been keeping the lid on this trouble between Mrs. Whitney and the Parsons. I don't want it to blow off while I'm down in Santa Fe.
Clay Culhane: Now, you know I'm going to handle this through the court!
Marshal Gib Scott: I've seen you starting out legal before; and it still ended up with someone being carried to the parlor. Don't let it happen this time.

Marshal Gib Scott: Culhaine, you put me in mind of some of those fellows down in India. The one's who walk on hot coals. They start out doing it just so they can show off, then they get to where they ain't happy walking on nothing but hot coals.
Clay Culhane: Well... so as long as they don't get burnt.

"Black Saddle: Client: Frome (#1.15)" (1959)
Nora Travers: How long do I have to sit here before you notice 'em?
Clay Culhane: Notice what?
Nora Travers: My new shoes.
Clay Culhane: Gib, Nora wears shoes.
Marshal Gib Scott: High time... People can't talk
Marshal Gib Scott: and play checkers
Marshal Gib Scott: .
Clay Culhane: I've said the same thing many times.
Clay Culhane: You gotta concentrate on one...
Clay Culhane: ... or the other.
Clay Culhane: You can't do both.

Clint Frome: Suppose I don't leave?
Marshal Gib Scott: I'll give you another room - rent free!

"Black Saddle: Client: Martinez (#1.8)" (1959)
[Scott prevents Calderon and his men from battering down Martinez's door]
Calderon: Permit me, senor, I have with me a writ of extradition for Juan Martinez, so called. I am empowered by your government to arrest and return him to Mexico. As you can see, it's all proper and legal.
Marshal Gib Scott: In this country, it's not legal or proper to break a man's door down without a search warrant!

Marshal Gib Scott: I ought to throw Culhane in jail for obstructing the law.
Nora Travers: Those men aren't interested in the law.
Marshal Gib Scott: Well, I am!

"Black Saddle: Blood Money (#2.12)" (1959)
Marshal Gib Scott: I'm not anxious to get my head blown off. Four to one ain't the best odds in the world but I guess that's the way it's gonna have to be.

Marshal Gib Scott: You think I'm gonna sit back and let them kill him? Suppose I did. How would you and the rest of the town feel about me... tomorrow... next week?

"Black Saddle: Apache Trail (#2.8)" (1959)
Marshal Gib Scott: Well, it's no skin off my saddle but... how'd you know?
Clay Culhane: What's it matter now?
Marshal Gib Scott: I guess it doesn't, but since you got your man off I'd like to know.
Clay Culhane: The Prosecution's witness says the thief was wearing a red shirt.
Marshal Gib Scott: Yeah. That's why I made my arrest.
Clay Culhane: Well, the witness was color blind.
Marshal Gib Scott: How'd you find that out?
Clay Culhane: Well, I wasn't sure, but some of the other things just didn't add up. So I uh... just took a chance.
Marshal Gib Scott: Are you saying that you really didn't know until you asked him? In court?
Clay Culhane: Mmm.
Marshal Gib Scott: Culhane, someday you are going to take a chance like that and end up with a sack full of ding bats!

"Black Saddle: Letter of Death (#2.14)" (1960)
Clay Culhane: The letter Dawson got from his father.
Marshal Gib Scott: Why didn't you bring this to me?
Clay Culhane: There wasn't time.
Nora Travers: Clay started to find you, Gib.
Marshal Gib Scott: Sure, but he got sidetracked as usual... You sure worked hard at keeping from collecting your thousand dollars, Culhane. But at least you can carry it back into the bank.

"Black Saddle: Mr. Simpson (#2.15)" (1960)
President Ulysses S. Grant: By the way Marshal, were you in the war?
Marshal Gib Scott: Yes sir. I worked at corporal in the seventh Illinois.
President Ulysses S. Grant: How about you, Mr. Cohane?
Clay Culhane: I was in the calvary, sir.
President Ulysses S. Grant: Yes? Under who's command?
Clay Culhane: Robert E. Lee.

"Black Saddle: Client: Robinson (#1.7)" (1959)
[last lines]
Aaron Robinson: All my life I've lived according to the right.
Clay Culhane: I suppose it was right for somebody else to hang for what you did.
Marshal Gib Scott: C'mon, Aaron. Aaron...

"Black Saddle: The Hotel (#2.4)" (1959)
Marshal Gib Scott: Never met a woman who said what she really meant.

"Black Saddle: Client: Neal Adams (#1.17)" (1959)
Marshal Gib Scott: Did he take a bullet out for ya? Kind of a change for ya, isn't it, Cohane?
Marshal Gib Scott: What is?
Marshal Gib Scott: Take a bullet out instead of putting one in.

"Black Saddle: Client: Dawes (#1.4)" (1959)
Ben Dawes: Culhane?
Clay Culhane: Yes.
Ben Dawes: You a good lawyer?
Clay Culhane: Well, let's say I'm the best there is in Latigo.
Marshal Gib Scott: What he means is he's the only one in Latigo.