Charlie Landers
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Charlie Landers (Character)
from "Aaron Stone" (2009)

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"Aaron Stone: Not So Friendly Skies: Part 2 (#1.8)" (2009)
Helix: [Aaron and STAN have been captured and are taken to the genetics lab. Helix is peering into a microscpoe. He looks up and faces Aaron] A teenager? That's the best Hall can do?
Charlie Landers: Yeah, it is kind of unfair to you old guys.
Helix: [chuckles] Though I must admit you have proven yourself a very impressive opponent. Too bad you're working for that fool, Hall.
Charlie Landers: He's not a fool.
Helix: Even his own people are willing to sell him out. How you think we knew about you, hmm? You should come and work for us.
Charlie Landers: No way. I will never help the Omega Defiance. No matter what you do to me.
Helix: You'd be surprised what I can do to you. You met my creatures in the forest. Imagine what you'll look like with a tail of crocodile or head of the dog or a snout of pig, or all three of them! What your family will think of you then?
Charlie Landers: I think they'd make me sleep outside.

Hall: [Aaron and Emma have been hauled on the carpet for disobeying orders] Your irresponsible actions nearly ended in disaster. And they cost me an SSJ
[supersonic jet]
Hall: .
Charlie Landers: I'll pay for a new one.
Hall: They cost 1.7 billion dollars.
Hall: Apiece.
Charlie Landers: That may take a while.