Dr. Charles Percy
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Dr. Charles Percy (Character)
from "Grey's Anatomy" (2005)

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"Grey's Anatomy: I Saw What I Saw (#6.6)" (2009)
Dr. Jackson Avery: These Seattle Grace people are kinda douchey.
Dr. Charles Percy: Shh.
[nods over to Alex]
Dr. Charles Percy: Case and point.
Dr. Jackson Avery: Douche.

Dr. Charles Percy: So April missed the airway, huh? That's so stupid.
Dr. Lexie Grey: Airway first.
Dr. Jackson Avery: It's like med school 101, right?
Dr. Alex Karev: It's pretty basic.
Dr. Reed Adamson: It was one second! She got distracted for one second and she made a mistake.
Dr. Charles Percy: That we all nearly got fired for.
Dr. Jackson Avery: Nose Dive's got a point.
Dr. Charles Percy: Thank you... What?
Dr. Alex Karev: We nearly got fired for trying to fix what she screwed up in the first place.
Dr. Cristina Yang: Yeah, 'cause that's our job.
[to Lexie]
Dr. Cristina Yang: What you didn't make any mistakes today?
[to Alex]
Dr. Cristina Yang: You've been distracted for the entire week.
[to Jackson]
Dr. Cristina Yang: And who knows what you screwed up. But our patients didn't die and that's why we didn't get caught. It could've happened to any one of us.

"Grey's Anatomy: How Insensitive (#6.21)" (2010)
Dr. Charles Percy: Wow, should we have left you two alone?
Dr. Callie Torres: What?
Dr. Charles Percy: Getting a little steamy in there!
Dr. Callie Torres: Oh give me a break; I'm in a committed relationship. That was... chit-chat.
Dr. Lexie Grey: Yeah there was steam; it was steamy chit-chat.
Dr. Charles Percy: With hand holding.
Dr. Callie Torres: Yeah physical contact's an important part of establishing a patient's trust. Baily did patient sensitivity this morning; did she teach you nothing?
Dr. Charles Percy: So there was no flirting going on, I was just imagining that.
Dr. Callie Torres: Yeah sure she was kinda flirty and I was flirty back because I'm trying to put her at ease. Talking to the patient the way the patient talks to you makes them feel understood, and safe, and... you're morons... oh, and a little pervy.

Dr. Charles Percy: I'm terrible at coming up with metaphors. I can never come up with them.
Dr. Cristina Yang: Why? Because you're as dumb as a box of hammers?
Dr. Charles Percy: See, that's a good one. You're an ass, but that was a good one.

"Grey's Anatomy: Death and All His Friends (#6.24)" (2010)
Mary Portman: What are we gonna do? What are we gonna do?
[Bailey walks away and starts crying]
Mary Portman: Dr. B., what's the plan? You have a plan, right, Dr. B.? What do we do?
[Bailey composes herself and walks back over to them]
Mary Portman: We can't get to the O.R, but... but he has to get to the O.R. He has to get to the O.R, or he's... Dr. B?
Dr. Miranda Bailey: Miranda. We should be on a first name basis. Miranda.
[sits down and takes Charles' head into her lap]
Dr. Charles Percy: I'm dying, right? Am I dying now?
Dr. Miranda Bailey: Yes. Yes, Charles, you are dying.
[voice breaking]
Dr. Miranda Bailey: But I don't want you to worry. I don't want you to be afraid. 'Cause I... am not going to leave you, okay? Mary. Mary... Mary and I...
[takes Mary's hand]
Dr. Miranda Bailey: are gonna be with you the whole time. You are not alone. You hear me? You are not alone.
[Charles is crying]

Dr. Charles Percy: I don't hurt anymore. The pain's gone. That's a bad sign, isn't it?
Dr. Miranda Bailey: Yes.
Dr. Charles Percy: Can you do something for me? Can you find Reed? When this is over, can you find her? I always... I always had a crush on her. I don't think she knows.
Mary Portman: She knows. Girls always know.
Dr. Charles Percy: Yeah?
Mary Portman: Yeah.
Dr. Charles Percy: But can you tell her anyway? Can you find her and tell her I loved her. I loved her so much.
Dr. Miranda Bailey: Okay.
Dr. Charles Percy: And... you tell her, you tell her I was a catch. You tell her I was a hot hot catch and she missed out on a great guy.
Dr. Miranda Bailey: All right.
Dr. Charles Percy: And you tell her I was brave even if turn coward and start crying and asking for my mom in a minute. You lie to her and tell her I died brave, okay?
Dr. Miranda Bailey: You are very brave, Charles. Okay, I'm the coward. I'm the one that told that man I was a nurse.
Dr. Charles Percy: You're so smart. You were smart, I wish I was that smart. Tell her I loved her, you won't forget?
Dr. Miranda Bailey: I won't forget.
Dr. Charles Percy: I know you don't like me.
Dr. Miranda Bailey: I like you.
Dr. Charles Percy: No, you don't. You were always my favorite doctor. I thought you should know...
[dies from his injuries]

"Grey's Anatomy: Sanctuary (#6.23)" (2010)
Mary Portman: [to Bailey] That's the fifth time that you checked your pager.
Dr. Miranda Bailey: Oh, it's uh... habit.
Mary Portman: Dr. B., my husband's late. He's never late and you're hanging out with me. You don't really strike me as the hanging out type. What's going on?
Dr. Miranda Bailey: Okay, there is a... situation. I'm not exactly sure what it is, but hospital procedure dictates that we're on...
Dr. Charles Percy: [walks in the room] He's on the floor.
Dr. Miranda Bailey: Who?
Dr. Charles Percy: The shooter.
Dr. Miranda Bailey: There's a shooter in the hospital?
Mary Portman: Oh, my God.