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Quotes for
Heather (Character)
from Spread (2009)

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Spread (2009)
Nikki: What the f*ck are you doing?
Heather: Swimming.
Nikki: Look, I'm sorry about what happened, but this is not f*cking cool.
Heather: What happened?
Nikki: I called you an asshole. I kicked you out. I called you a whore. I'm sorry.
Heather: [laughs] That's strange. 'Cause it seems like you and I are maybe playing the same cards.
Nikki: Yeah.
Heather: Last time I checked, you were living in a $5 million house. Now you're turning tricks for a sandwich.
Nikki: I'm not turning anything.
Heather: Tell me something though... out of everybody here, why her?
Nikki: I don't think you understand my situation, OK? I'm about to get evicted from the Sahara Motel Inn. I'm selling my near-mint sweaters for nine bucks. And that club sandwich is gonna be the first thing I've had to eat all day. I don't really have time to be picky.