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Quotes for
Juliet Van Heusen (Character)
from "Wizards of Waverly Place" (2007)

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"Wizards of Waverly Place: Wizards vs. Vampires on Waverly Place (#2.26)" (2009)
Alex Russo: [opening the door of the restaurant after noticing Justin and Juliet's "mind hugs"] Romeo, Juliet, let's wrap it up with the looky-looks!
Juliet Van Husen: Oh, hey Oprah!
Justin Russo: That's not Oprah, that's Alex!

"Wizards of Waverly Place: Who Will Be the Family Wizard? (#4.27)" (2012)
Juliet Van Heusen: You know, the last time I saw you I made you turn into a wolf forever.
Mason Greyback: And I made you turn old and hobble off into the woods.
Juliet Van Heusen: No hard feelings then?
Mason Greyback: Water under the bridge.
Juliet Van Heusen: [Grabbing one of Mason's pom poms] GO JUSTIN!
Mason Greyback: [Taking back the pom pom] GO ALEX!