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Quotes for
Yorgo Galfanikos (Character)
from "Over the Top" (1997)

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"Over the Top: Fight Night at the Metropolitan (#1.11)" (????)
Simon Ferguson: I told you, I'm not going back into the bar.
Yorgo Galfanikos: Oh, just because you got your hinie whooped last weekend? That's part of the fun!
Simon Ferguson: There was no whooping! I chose to leave... and several large men endorsed my decision.
Yorgo Galfanikos: Nice story, O. Henry.

Yorgo Galfanikos: Here is the menu for 'Sports Sunday'. Each snack contains a chemically processed food item that does not exist in nature.

Yorgo Galfanikos: But it's Sports Sunday tomorrow. What say, we crack open a couple of beers, and root for 24 year old millionaires who are oblivious to our existence?

"Over the Top: The Bee Story (#1.8)" (????)
Yorgo Galfanikos: Listen, I did not come to this country to cruise for babes, I came to work. These pots are my girlfriends. These spices are my lovers. This stove is my wife.

Hadley Martin: Just go over and talk to her like a normal person.
Yorgo Galfanikos: But it's so hard. I am not like you. You're many, many, many, many marriages have made you an expert in romance.

Yorgo Galfanikos: Don't wait up, Ron. We're going for coffee. And it might be a bottomless pot.

"Over the Top: I'm Bonnie, I'm Clyde (#1.1)" (1997)
Yorgo Galfanikos: It is you. It is really you. I have DREAMT of this moment!
[throws himself at Simon's feet]
Simon Ferguson: So have I, but in my dream you were a huge pile of money.

Yorgo Galfanikos: Please tell me you ejected moments before the crash. PLEASE!
Simon Ferguson: Well, Yorgo, I would love to, but the truth is...
Hadley Martin: The truth is Mr. Ferguson will be taking a brief hiatus from the soap. He's decidesd to stay with us for a while.
Yorgo Galfanikos: Stay...
Yorgo Galfanikos: ... really.
[grabs Simon's suitcases]
Yorgo Galfanikos: I am hearing the music of the night!

"Over the Top: Acting Out (#1.9)" (1997)
Simon Ferguson: Yorgo, am I wrong, or does this radish look like me?
Yorgo Galfanikos: You are not wrong. I hand carved each one in your likeness. Go on, eat your face. Eat your face!

Simon Ferguson: Yorgo, I'm not going to kill your brother.
Yorgo Galfanikos: But... I picked up your dry cleaning.
Simon Ferguson: Well, and some day I'll pick up yours, and then we'll be even.
Yorgo Galfanikos: [shouting] oh, how lame is that?

"Over the Top: Simon, We Hardly Knew Ye (#1.6)" (????)
Simon Ferguson: So Yorko, your first vacation. Where are you off to?
Yorgo Galfanikos: America! I want to see all your natural wonders, eh Vegas, Graceland, Dollywood.
Simon Ferguson: Well, that's the big three.

Yorgo Galfanikos: [thinking Simon is dead] I would give my manhood, my very manhood, if you were still alive.

"Over the Top: The Kernel (#1.2)" (1997)
Yorgo Galfanikos: I cannot believe I am the set of Days to Remember. Mr. Ferguson, this is where you delivered your own mother's twins. Do you remember? They were joined at the head. Only one could live. I'll never forget your powerful 'Eeny Meeny Miny Moe' monologue.

Hadley Martin: Yorgo, let's go!
Yorgo Galfanikos: [Pretending to shock himself with fake paddles] But we're losing me! Live, damn me, live!

"Over the Top: The Southern Story (#1.10)" (????)
Gwen Martin: Mom, Rose and Yorgo are not well.
Hadley Martin: Rose, Yorgo?
Yorgo Galfanikos: I have no idea. We've had some wonderful quality time together. Right?
Rose: Yes. Quality up the wazoo!

"Over the Top: The Review (#1.5)" (????)
Yorgo Galfanikos: [takes a deep breath] Goof afternoon. I am Yorgo Galfanikos. Welcome to my new cooking show "What's in Yorgo's pot?" Today we will be making boulia base. Of course, all my recipes are a secret, so here we go! First you add one quarter cup of... something. Next, you add two table spoons, well rounded, not heaping, of... something else. I hope you're taking notes!

"Over the Top: It's Gwen's Party and Hadley'll Cry If She Wants To (#1.7)" (????)
Yorgo Galfanikos: In my country, no one eats food out of a plastic bag unless they are a prisoner of war.

"Over the Top: Who's Afraid of Simon Ferguson? (#1.4)" (????)
Gwen Martin: [Rose is helping Gwen with her boyfriend] So, what should I do?
Yorgo Galfanikos: The answer is obvious. You must kill his father!