Jay Ziegler
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Jay Ziegler (Character)
from "The Odyssey" (1992)

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"The Odyssey: Night Life (#3.4)" (1994)
Alpha: I could've had whatever I wanted! Forever!
Jay: Dead is forever.

Jay: It's blood.
Flash: Ew... Who drinks blood?
Jay, Flash: VAMPIRES!

"The Odyssey: Welcome to the Tower (#1.12)" (1993)
[looking at images from Jay's world]
Medea: Brad comes from this place, too? Who is Brad to you, anyway?
Jay Ziegler: My father.

Jay Ziegler: I know you've got Brad locked up. I've got to see him. Right now.
Macro: Right now's not a good time for Brad. He's... busy. Thinking about his future.
Alpha: But people still want Brad.
Jay Ziegler: If they find out what you've done, they'll throw you out.
Macro: You're right. The people are always right. That's why we're gonna make you the new leader
Medea: What?

"The Odyssey: Wanted (#1.8)" (1992)
Jay: Thanks, Keith.
Flash: What did you call me?
Alpha: Who's Keith?
Jay: I don't know. Someone important.

"The Odyssey: The Brad Exchange (#1.11)" (1993)
Jay Ziegler: Who can tell me where the secret checkpoint is?
Frances X: Beats me. But if anyone does know, it's gonna cost you.
Jay Ziegler: Why? It's just directions.
Frances X: Information is a commodity, did you know? If you want something, you gotta cough up. I mean, you can't get something for nothing. Not here.
Jay Ziegler: But checkpoint aren't just for the rich. They're so kids can earn their way to the Tower. I thought that was Brad's law.
Frances X: Before, maybe. Now the market's the law.

"The Odyssey: The One Called Brad (#1.13)" (1993)
Brad: Yes. I'm Brad. Talk quietly. There's Monitors right outside. I'm proud of you, Jay. For getting here and for not giving in to Macro.
Jay Ziegler: It really is you. But... but you're just a kid.
Brad: What were you expecting?
Jay Ziegler: My dad.
Brad: What's a dad?
Jay Ziegler: He's a guy who cares about you. Because he gave you life. He shows you what to do, how to be.
Brad: A leader.
Jay Ziegler: Sort of. YOu're my dad. Brad Ziegler.
Brad: Ziegler? That's how you pronounce it. The Vest of Power belongs to you.