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Aunty Jack (Character)
from "The Aunty Jack Show" (1972)

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"The Aunty Jack Show: The Aunty Jack War Show (#1.2)" (1972)
Aunty Jack: We'd like to sing an old song that we hope you'll all remember, that old warmongering favourite 'Jump in Down the Trenches'! Righto!
Aunty Jack, Thin Arthur: [together] Jump in down the trenches, I sayed me mum hooray. Says I he bee hand heskimo and krokodiles pulay. Skrill pooh a gnome at home is grin the rude doolay. Me foo she say yah pid the bick angrin the other side.
Aunty Jack: Oi! Altogether now, one, two, three...

"The Aunty Jack Show: The Aunty Jack Sex Show (#1.6)" (1972)
Aunty Jack: The dirty opinions expressed in this show weren't mine.