Kate Bradley
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Kate Bradley (Character)
from "Petticoat Junction" (1963)

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"Petticoat Junction: Spur Line to Shady Rest (#1.1)" (1963)
Willimena Josephine 'Billie Jo' Bradley #1: Ma, the train's comin'!
Kate Bradley: Yeah, I heard it.
Kate Bradley: [to her three daughters] In the water tower again, weren't you?
Elizabeth Josephine 'Betty Jo' Bradley Elliott: Yes.
Kate Bradley: Some day that train's gonna sneak in, drain all the water before you can get out and leave you high, dry and bare!

[last lines]
Kate Bradley: [to the Cannonball] Don't you worry, old girl. We've been through a lot together and we'll get through this, too.

"Petticoat Junction: Kate Bradley, Girl Volunteer (#2.18)" (1965)
Uncle Joe Carson: As the chief, I've always been worried about the one weak link in the fire department.
Kate Bradley: So you've decided to resign.

"Petticoat Junction: There's No Flame Like an Old Flame (#2.15)" (1965)
[Kate Bradley introduces her daughters, Billie Jo, Bobbie Jo, and Betty Jo, to Mary Alice]
Mary Alice Perkins: Why they're beautiful! No sons?
Kate Bradley: No, I uh...
Uncle Joe Carson: The "Jo" on their names is in honor of me. Kate was hoping to name one of them just plain "Joe," but they didn't turn out right.

"Petticoat Junction: Joe Carson, General Contractor (#3.5)" (1965)
Oliver Wendell Douglas: Lisa, how could you possibly have made a deal with Mr. Carson?
Lisa Douglas: But, he made such good sense.
Kate Bradley: Uncle Joe made good sense?
Lisa Douglas: Yes. He agreed with everything I said.