Mama Odie
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Mama Odie (Character)
from The Princess and the Frog (2009)

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The Princess and the Frog (2009)
Mama Odie: This gonna be good!

Mama Odie: Not bad for a 197-year-old blind lady.

Mama Odie: The only thing important is what's UNDER the skin...

[repeated line]
Mama Odie: JUJU!

Mama Odie: Gumbo, gumbo, in the pot! We need a princess. WHAT YOU GOT?

Mama Odie: Y'all ain't got the sense you was born with!

Mama Odie: JuJu! Why didn't you tell me my gumbo was burning? I have to do everything around here!

[after Tiana and Naveen get married, they unexpectedly become human again]
Mama Odie: Like I told y'all, kissing a princess breaks the spell.
Prince Naveen: Once you became my wife, that made you...
Tiana: ...a princess. You just kissed yourself a princess.
Prince Naveen: And... I'm about to do it again.
[They kiss]

Mama Odie: Good to see you again, Ray. How's your grandmama?
Ray: Oh, she fine, although she got into a little trouble for flashing the neighbors again.
Mama Odie: Ooh! I like that gal!