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Biography for
Skye Rotter (Character)
from My Super Psycho Sweet 16 (2009) (TV)

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In 1999, a young Skye Rotter watches as her father is abused by a group of teens at the roller-rink where he works as a medival king to serve cake and keep skaters entertained. Later that night, her father kills two teenagers infront of her, and its revealed dead bodies were found in the basement.

Years later, Skye Rotter (Lauren McKnight) is shown to be picked on by Kevin Donaldson (Joey Nappo), but fellow jock and popular boy Brigg Jenner (Chris Zylka) share a 'moment' much to the annoyance of Madison Penrose (Julianna Guill) who is Brigg's ex-girlfriend but is still trying to win her back. Skye's bestfriend is Derek McNamera (Matt Angel) who is another outcast and mostly thinks of sex and losing his virginity. Madison pulls a prank on Skye to show she can not have Brigg. While walking home, Brigg offers her a lift where he asks her out on a date. However, Brigg is later invited to Madison's sweet 16 party, meaning he cant go. When he tells her, Skye says they would of never worked out becuase he is popular and she is not. To show this is not true, Brigg kisses her, resulting in Skye and Derek crashing Madison's party. While there, Skye and Brigg skate together and have a good time, until Madison tries to seduce Brigg. Skye see's this and believes he is cheating on her, so wishes to leave along with Derek. When a dead body is found the partiers leave, but Skye doesnt get out. Madison blames Skye for everything, before the pair are attacked by the killer who is revealed to be Skye's father. After a pursuit, Brigg is thrown from a balcony, to which Skye believes he is dead. Derek is captured, but Skye manages to convince her father not to kill him, instead locking him outside. Skye later wakes up in a cage in the basement tied to a chair with Madison. Her father tells Skye that she must kill Madison becuase she deserves it. Skye listens to Madison's pleads and knocks her father out, before saving Madison. However, seeing Madison is a horrible person who infact desreves to die, she locks her in the cage. Skye then leaves Madison to be murdred, before stealing her car. Brigg later wakes up in a hospital bed, before Skye appears and stabs him multiple times in the stomach. Brigg wakes up once more, and its revealed no one has seen Skye in days.

In the sequel, Skye has a dream that her besfriend, Derek and Brigg are murdered while travelling to her mother's home, who abandoned her at birth. At first Skye's mother, Carolyn (Myndy Crist), is reluctant to let her stay, but eventually agrees, under the conditon she does not tell her new husband, Ted (Robert Pralgo) and their daughter Alex (Kirsten Prout) about her killer father. Alex is startled to find she has a sister, and is at first distant. While at a diner, Skye meets Alex's friends Molly (Jennifer Sun Bell) and the manipulative Zoe (Stella Maeve) who convinces Alex to have a party at her fathers club while he is out of town. Later, at the house Skye and Alex are shown to get along well. Skye realizes she has recieved multiple e-mails from Derek and Brigg, and sends an e-mail reasurring her safety, but tells them not to find her. They ignore her, and set out to find her. Zoe finds out about Skye's father, and black-mails Skye. Ethier bring pills to the party, or let everyone know her dark past. At the party, Skye reveals it is her birthday, yet does not join in the partying. She gives Zoe the pills to keep her quiet. Brigg and Derek arrive, and Skye and Brigg have sex, before she reveals she can not return home with him, causing him to leave. Skye reconciles with Derek, but his new girlfriend Courtney (Gina Rodriguez) tells Alex of her father before the pair leave and Alex screams at Skye. Skye goes up stairs and phones Caroly, allowing her to know that Alex knows. While looking out a window Skye is horrified to witness the murder of her bestfriend Derek. She goes downstairs to warn Alex, but all the partiers flee when Zoe is set alight. Skye's father, Charlie Rotter (Alex Van) is revealed to have returned once more to bring the whole family back together. He captures Alex, and in a bid to save her, Carolyn reveals that Alex is her daughter. Charlie then shows them the decapitated head of Ted, resulting in Carolyn turning on Skye, saying she knew Charlie was a killer, and left her with him on purpose, and it was all her fault that people had been murdred. This infurtates Charlie, who slits Carolyn's throat. Alex and Skye manage to fight off Charlie with the aid of Brigg, before Skye finally manages to kill him. Alex is later shown to be in a thearapy session, in which it is shown Skye now lives with Brigg and his parents. Alex also is revealed to have become mentally unstabale, and will likely set out for revenge on her sister.

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