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Kim Carter (Character)
from "Here's Lucy" (1968)

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"Here's Lucy: Lucy, the Conclusion Jumper (#1.5)" (1968)
Kim Carter: [to Lucy] Twenty nine dollars and forty cents just for groceries?

Kim Carter: [to Lucy] Mom, about what does a phone bill run every month?

Kim Carter: [to Lucy] I'm glad you feel that way about him Mom. He likes you too,

"Here's Lucy: Mod, Mod Lucy (#1.1)" (1968)
Lucy Carter: He says he won't give me a raise because I'm careless and incompetent.
Craig Carter: Well, why don't you just get another job?
Lucy Carter: Well, that's pretty hard to do when you're careless and incompetent.

"Here's Lucy: Lucy Visits Jack Benny (#1.2)" (1968)
Kim Carter: After all, girls are different than boys.
Craig Carter: Yeah, I've been noticing that since I was 13.

"Here's Lucy: Lucy Takes Over (#2.23)" (1970)
Kim Carter: I've never seen so many old cobwebs!
Craig Carter: What did you expect-NEW cobwebs?